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  • Nuts

    In another post I mentioned that i'm trying to get my fats in (which i find really hard, through nuts)
    It's been mentioned this isnt the best way because of omega 3:6 ratios so I wondered which were the best choice with regards this ratio?

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    Macadamias have little omega 6 and won't throw off your ratio too badly. They aren't a very good source of nutrients but if you must have some nuts they're a good choice. I think that the best way to increase your fat intake is with animal fats like beef tallow, lard, and various others like ghee and coconut oil. Just be sure that you get really good nutrition from your meats and vegetables because a high-fat low-nutrient diet isn't particularly desirable for any purpose. The only thing I really use seeds for is magnesium. I'll have a tbs of hemp seeds and 2 of flax or chia and that will be most of my linoleic acid intake for the day with a fair contribution to magnesium making it so I don't have to take too many supplements.

    I think cashews are also pretty low in omega 6. Some people might say that walnuts have a good ratio but they have a lot of polyunsaturated fats and I think that restricting total amount is important too. It tends to accumulate in cell membranes and lowers DHA concentration, poses risks for peroxidation, etc.

    edit: also omega 3 ALA is likely to be oxidized for fuel whereas omega 6 linoleic acid is likely to be stored and eventually converted to pro-inflammatory eicosanoids. So really walnuts are a poor choice all around.
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