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I need help. Not losing weight. Am I doing this right

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  • I need help. Not losing weight. Am I doing this right

    This is my 3rd week doing PB. My first week was trial and error, and then my second week was aweseome. No grains at all. I have done some reading on here and I figured I must be doing something wrong. I am eating way less than I was before and abolutely no processed carbs or food. I might have eaten too many walnuts last week. I injured my shoulder and ankle a few months ago so I am trying to do the best I can when it comes to exercise. I ride the stationary bike three times week for 45 minutes at 60% HR. I lift weights once a week, sprint once a week and try some kind of HIIT.
    I know this is a common topic, but I would love to hear from people with experience doing this.

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    We would need to see a daily menu to give advice on what you're eating.
    Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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      My daily food log

      coffee with cream
      Shakeology meal replacement with natural ground almond butter

      1/4 cup walnuts

      CHicken with coleslaw or Beef potroast with carrots and onions

      Cheese and carrots, apple

      4oz protein with veggies
      some type of berries


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        get rid of the scrambled eggs or something, use butter

        drop the banana/walnut combo and try macadamias if you need a snack

        make sure theres plenty of fat in your lunch

        drop cheese... eat more lunch so you dont need a snack

        make sure dinner is substantial... more fatty meat, less berries
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          I'd tend to lean toward more nonstarchy produce. A lot more.

          Ditch the shake
          have eggs, fish or meat - palm sized portion (approx) with salad or cooked veggies and appropriate amounts of fat.

          ditch the banana *for sure* (imo, they're as practically a potato;p)
          have a few walnuts (6 or so halves), some veggies, and a little protein if you need it

          Non starchy veggies with palm size (approx) animal protein

          Same as/similar to lunch

          Personally, I do assess calcium and magnesium intake, supplementing as needed: 250-500 mg calcium per day from all sources and and 375-1000 mg magnesium per day from all sources depending on muscle tension as a symptom.

          optimal 25(OH)D level is critical for just about everything to operate well in the body.
          1)get unprotected, midday *summer* exposure to the point just before a burn would occur
          2)get sufficient vitamin D to bring serum 25(OH)D levels to the middle of the reference range: 60-65 ng/mL or the nmol/L equivalent which is 150-163 nmol/L.

          For most not getting midday unprotected full body exposure, this will be around 1000 IU per 25 lbs body weight. If you're able to get a good bit of incidental exposure, you'll need less supplemental D.

          ZRT has a great home test that's very easy. It's available 3 places that I know of:
 ($10 is donated to that worthy organization)
          ZRT labs
          D*Action - a population based study that is also VERY worth participating in if you can:

          See my signature line links for more details on D testing.

          Here's what The Primal Blueprint says about produce:

          p40 TPB
          The gathering of berries and other fruit, leafy greens, primitive roots, shoots and other vegetation, nuts and seeds provide the bulk of Grok's food supply.
          p.112 TPB
          it may take some acclimation to center your diet around vegetables....Dont follow the example of restaurants that serve skimpy vegetable portions seemingly just for decoration; serve yourself heaping portions that crowd everything else on your plate
          ]Plant foods..naturally promote a beneficial balance between acidity and alkalinity..inyour bloodstream. Almost all cells prefer a slightly alkaline environment to function properly, but many metabolic processes, including the normal production of cellular energy, result in the release of acidic waste products. The buildup of acidic waste is toxic to your body so ti works very hard at all times to preserve a slightly alkaline environment, measured by the familiar pH levels.

          p110 TPB
          see food pyramid: the base is produce indicating that in terms of volume, this is a produce dominated diet.
          His food pyramid is a clear supportive visual to both his writing, and the evidence available regarding a
          primal diet (diet in our environment of evolutionary adaptation). Volume-wise, we're eating mostly produce, though in terms of a percentage of calories, we are getting more first from fat, then protein.

          In this blogpost regarding inflammation and gut health, Mark said:
          I mentioned Dr. Art Ayer’s Cooling Inflammation blog last week, and I’m
          to do so again. First, Art suggests adopting an anti-inflammatory diet. His dietary
          recommendations are essentially identical to mine – high SFA, moderate animal
          protein, low O-6, O-3 supplementation, leafy greens, some fruit and nuts.
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