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Pregnancy Foods To Ease Nausea

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      Originally posted by cillakat View Post

      You make a good point twinmama. I guess though, that it's important to note that doctors have virtually no medical school or residency education in nutrition, health or supplements. The training truly is focused on biochemical processes, body systems and disease. My dear brother is an anesthesiologist - he also happens to be very primal and runs into daily frustrations both with patients and medical professionals due to the complete ignorance on both sides regarding health and nutrition. There is a complete disconnect just as there is with the ADA and what constitues a healthy diet.

      In an evolutionary environment, eating meat, bone broths, organ meats all from wild animals, our b vitamin intake, accross the board, would be much much higher than the point at which the RDI is currently set. The RDI doesn't take into account what we need nutrionally, but is nothing more than a reflection, beginning in the 1950's of what a typical diet supplied at that time.

      Certainly alert one's hcp (mw, doc, ob) to the fact that b6 is being taken (and print out the above cite I posted) but at a level of 25 mg 2x per day, there is no concern of toxicity. B6 toxicity can occur at greater than 500 mg per day, taken over time.

      "Usually, pyridoxine 50 to 100 mg po once/day corrects the deficiency in adults. ....For deficiency due to increased metabolic demand, amounts larger than the daily recommended intake (DRI) may be required. For most cases of inborn errors of metabolism, high doses of pyridoxine may be effective."

      Because B6 is so effective in treating nausea in some women, we can assume that they were either deficient to begin with, or that 'due to increased metabolic deman" [due to pregnancy] their needs are increased.

      As I said... I did not know at what level one could become toxic. I personally would not in a million years take the advise of ANYONE on the internet quotes from Merck or not (Merck was fine with fosomax... their baby from the early '90's, and look at just how wrong that was)... when it comes to my babies that I'm growing. Research the suggestions, and talk with MY trusted Dr. and Pharmacist, witch doctor or whatever... I understand that you are right however, that an increase in this supplement is known to be fairly safe... But you can't assume that a person won't jump into the more is better boat when they are puking their brains out if they don't know otherwise... Also agreed that many doctors barely know their bum from a hole in the wall when it comes to nutrition.... There are certain precautions I'm personally willing to side on because a growing baby is more delicate than an adult human body.

      I take the medical profession with a grain of salt... we need them... But they aren't gods... just humans trained in a certain fashion... for what it's worth the last anesthesiologist, damn near "put me to sleep"... as in the BIG SLEEP! Someone always graduated at the bottom of the class!

      Edited 'cause I clearly graduated LAST in spelling!


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        Anything she's craving, she has permission to eat. Remember, she's not really in charge at this point.