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Caffeine, stress, and muscle tightness.

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  • Caffeine, stress, and muscle tightness.

    At my job I lift a lot of heavy and often awkward stuff (boxes of tile weighing 50+ lbs, carpet, hardwoods, and other numerous heavy items), as well as walk on concrete all day long. The past few months have been me in overdrive trying to finish my degree before my baby is born in January, so sleep and a schedule have been hard as well as probably being the culprit for many of my issues, but I was wondering who has experienced stuff like this.

    My neck, back, shoulders, and calves hurt (legs from working on concrete all day long, no doubt). I purchased a pair of Bellville Mini-Mills when I started working and I love them. The heel drop is practically non-existent so the back issues from regular shoes/boots no longer effected me and helped heal a few of the symptoms agitating my Tourette's Syndrome, so I am thankful. Because of the inflammation I have incurred I am thinking of low carbing it to help speed up my recovery because low carb (from personal experience) has always helped, but as the title of this thread starts, I love my coffee. Although, I have gotten into a bad habit of drinking it on an empty stomach, and despite the heavy whipping cream, butter, and/or coconut oil I put in it it's like mainlining caffeine.

    As it sounds, I know pretty much what to do, I was just wondering if anyone had any input for making this possibly a little more pleasant. Caffeine being a trigger for Tourette's is well known, but man, I hate to give it up and I'm hoping if just hitting the reset would work.


    - Twitchy.

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    You could try decaf or half/half.


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      +1 on the half caf.

      Are you doing anything in the evenings after work to try and mitigate some of the muscle soreness, like stretching or epsom salt baths?