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Vegetarian Girlfriend preparing for a Pageant

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    Also do long walks on elliptical with high resistance. I do an hour slowly on super high resistance and it does wonders to tone places that dead lifts/squats/lunges don't. I would recommend convincing her to lift though.

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      Everyone has good advice. But....
      She's "asking" for your advice, but seems to resist you. She doesn't want to give up her sugary coffee desserts, doesn't want to eat protein (you aren't really specific about her vegetarian diet), doesn't want to eat fats, wants to eat carbs, doesn't want to lift heavy, buys trainers who tell her what she wants to hear, and then whines at you to "help" her at the last minute, from a completely different perspective (primal)?

      I dunno--sounds like a set-up to me. If I were you (i'm not, i'm a 58 yo woman), I would tell her that you support her in her goals. Period. Come-on, she's WATCHED you eating and lifting for some time now, so she knows what you do.
      Be nice. But don't be the fall-guy....

      Two months is too short to turn all this stuff around, which is what she would need to do to strengthen and lose body fat for a pageant. So when it doesn't work, who is she going to blame?
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        Originally posted by Dickson View Post
        I realize I am probably being trolled to post a photo of her butt, but for the sake of science.... (not her butt) imgur: the simple image sharer

        As you can see, she is already in pretty good shape and it's not like she needs to do a major overhaul. Getting her to lift heavy has been hard, the recent article on on how to talk to women about lifting heavy has been helpful but I still can't out influence her trainer, who recommends squats above parallel and supersets of ab work.
        Could you have her turn around?.... Cant tell a thing from that angle


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          Yeah, she looks pretty good in the picture. Definitely slim enough. Had she just done crossfit at the beginning when she still had 5 months, she'd look fantastic for the pageant. But now she only has 2 months left so I don't know if there's much that can be done. I guess some serious weight lifting. None of that stupid 5-lb dumbbell BS. Lunges always make my butt sore so I'm guessing that they work the ass muscles. Have her do barbell lunges. And everything else too:
          Bench press
          Push press
          Overhead press
          Back squat
          BB Lunges
          Pull ups, pushups, dips
          Toes to bar or knees to elbows
          Hollow holds and planks
          Best not to rely on the silly globo gym trainer.

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            I have a similar body type. I'd suggest a shit ton of situps and other ab exercises. You can't make the thighs skinny in 2 months, but you can get some definition in the abs where there isn't much fat to hide it. I've found that when I've got nice abs everyone is too jealous to notice a little thigh jiggle. :P


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              Originally posted by notlupus View Post
              I have a similar body type.
              Notlupus, you single?

              OP, definitely have her hit some heavy weights. But I think you taking charge of her fitness is a recipe for disaster. Not because you couldn't do it, but because that's how most women operate.

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                Originally posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
                Notlupus, you single?
                I will be shortly. :P


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                  Originally posted by notlupus View Post
                  I will be shortly. :P

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                    Great advice everyone, I love the girls gone lifting site.

                    As for her diet, it is actually pretty decent now. Her breakfast of a sugary coffee and a vegetarian breakfast sandwich from Starbucks isn't helping, but her lunch is a big salad with veggies and hard boiled eggs mixed in. Usually a side of avacado and maybe a cheese stick.

                    Dinner is usually a big egg mixture. We go through nearly a dozen free-range eggs a day combined, so she is getting her protein there (I'd estimate around ~70grams total a day, more would probably help).

                    I'm not very suspicious of her turning to me, it's just how it is. The photo I posted of her was before she moved in with me when she was a senior in college in April, doing no exercise and eating a diet of poptarts and easy mac. She figured that doing something with a trainer would be effective, but it wasn't what she wanted and now she feels the deadline pressing.

                    The hard part is that I am an active reader, and I've done a pretty thorough literature review of the best advice in nutrition and exercise (PB, Good Calories/Bad Calories, PHD, Warrior Diet, Leangains, Starting Strength, etc). I can't get her to read anything on diet and nutrition, however, nor exercise science. And she didn't trust me on exercise, just sort of stuck in the convential wisdom. And why shouldn't she be, when she effortlessly keeps an attractive figure. Now with a goal, she is worried and trying to improve herself, really analyzing things for the first time.

                    Originally posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
                    OP, definitely have her hit some heavy weights. But I think you taking charge of her fitness is a recipe for disaster. Not because you couldn't do it, but because that's how most women operate. She is smart and a classically trained violinist, so I believe in her ability to do well in the pageant. I don't think it is a lost cause one bit.
                    Exactly. I honestly am going to have to leave it to the trainer for exercise. She has a decent muscle base, so my theory is to help with a bit of fat loss to let the muscles pop a bit more.


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                      Good diet can make up a lot for bad or no exercise. The opposite is almost never true. Walking around and lifting something occasionally won't cancel out drinking a bunch of sugary milkshakes disguised as coffee.

                      How to have optimal health on a vegetarian diet? Lose the vegetarian diet or accept compromised results.

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                        First off, you're a good boyfriend. You seem to have patience with her & you're encouraging. My girlfriend once told me she was interested in us trying a vegetarian diet, so I told her that's cool, I'm also interested in something: other women I love MEAT! I visit those in-humane slaughter houses & they just make me burp, rub my belly & ask when we're gonna try some steak. Ha, (totally joking)

                        I agree with Markbt, definitely drop the sugary drinks & Starbucks for now. That stuff will bloat her & flush her skin. (I'm going into pageant talk-mode here. Don't judge)

                        Those chicks hate the idea of lifting weights, & honestly if she starts lifting now, she may see a little spike in muscle size which you know you can't convince her is good. Burning calories is good though to keep her slender: jogging, push-ups, sit-ups, try a few pull-ups, nice long stretching routines. A lot of calisthenics to keep her balance & coordination good, when she's walking that stage, A Girls Gotta Have Grace! Maybe some dancing if she's outgoing like that, great for her rhythm.

                        Her diet doesn't really look counter-productive. The protein will keep her muscle tight & toned, the veggies will keep things moving & inflammation down. The key for her, I would guess is: low inflammation, skin nourished (looks like she has fair skin so hydration & vitamins from the veggies will keep from looking pasty) & no bloating.

                        I would keep the eggs involved, some other protein source she's comfortable with (maybe tempeh?), work an avocado in her salad for some fat (maybe a little olive oil as dressing) & keep the veggies coming. Then around a week or so before the contest, drop the dressings & the cheese, increase the intake of cold water & eat nothing but fibrous veggies. It'll be low calorie going into the contest but she'll be lookin slim & tight!

                        Good luck bud!
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                          I'm her height, just smaller framed and therefore am maintaining at 100. Have her do some cardio/weights if she hasn't already. I was a vegetarian for 10+ years myself. These days I eat ~1500 cakes a day. High on the carbs and protein. I've never been a big fan of eating a lot of fat. No processed foods except for the odd day out every so often and for TOTM. But if course she'll have to figure out what works for her macro wise.
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                            This is silly. Are we being punked? If she wants to work out to reduce her clearly soft physic, she will. Why are you involved? I have known a Miss America. Your girl friend is not even close.

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                              Originally posted by oceangrl View Post
                              I have known a Miss America. Your girl friend is not even close.
                              Well, that's just mean. There are hundreds of pageants below the level of Miss America, with thousands in prize money. Just because we can't all be Miss America, Wayne Gretzsky, Michael Jordan doesn't mean we shouldn't bother at all.

                              However, the OP's girlfriend will be competing against young women who are dead serious about what they're doing. They give up things like sugary Starbucks drinks without the slightest pang of regret. She doesn't seem like she's very realistic about the level of commitment required. Spending big bucks is not really commitment. Making significant lifestyle changes is. However, she's young and kids her age are often not realistic about what's necessary to achieve their fantasies. I suspect this will be a learning experience (or turn her off pageants altogether) and that's OK too. When you're only 21, you've got a lot of life lessons ahead of you. Or maybe she'll kick butt with her sparkling personality - who knows. That would be a good lesson too.
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                                Originally posted by oceangrl View Post
                                Your girl friend is not even close.
                                Well, I thought she was cute. Way to go, OP.
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