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  • Leangains Macro calculation:

    First time ever in my life when I actually look at what I'm eating in terms of Calories / P / F / C ... Pretty exciting!

    OK, I used this:

    How to Calculate your Leangains Macros |

    Here is what I came up with:

    Workout days: 165 / 60 / 300
    Rest days: 140 / 90 / 40

    This is how I came up with it:

    BMR = 66+ ( 13.7 x weight in kilos ) + ( 5 x height in cm ) – ( 6.8 x age in years )

    66 + 13.7 x 74 + 5 x 178 - 6.8 x 34 = 1740

    1740 x (Activity M) 1.3 = 2250 Calories a day

    For cutting: +10% on workout days / -30% on rest days:

    WORK DAYS: 2475 Calories.

    REST DAYS: 1575 Calories.

    And from here:

    Workout days: 165 / 60 / 300
    Rest days: 140 / 90 / 40

    Any comments?

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    Looks good, why did u choose harris benedict formua over Katch-Mckardle out of interest. Do you have ay idea of your current bf%

    The rest days looks low but if u are genuinely doing nothing u might be ok, can always tweak to suit of course.

    I would not indulge in too challenging a training program, maintenance over aiming for much mass growth, I guess you are doing as I am, cutting hard ready to start building in a couple of months?

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      I went with the advise from rippedbody, I'm doing 3 times a week, an hour each time - squats, deadlifts and bench.


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        Cool, I'm just starting a lg cut with 3 times a week of starting strength ish workouts. Plan to hit 10% bf in 12 weeks or so and hopefully get some newbie gains on the lifts. I lifted quite a lot a few years back but have just got a power cage and started again.

        I decided to set my cals to 1830 for rest days, 2350 for training days, so a -30/-10 below maintenance, will see how it goes .

        Will follow your progress with interest
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          Btw, are you still doing the 10 minutes a week of lifting, or moved on to more frequency?

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