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Help me help a friend with her cancer recovery

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  • Help me help a friend with her cancer recovery

    So long story short, my mother's best friend got lung cancer two years ago and she had to remove her lung. She has been through the chemo therapy and she has no tumours left today but she is not fully recovered and the doctors are checking her every month and they have been afraid of new tumours twice after her surgery and chemo. She asked me for help with nutrition and I'm happy to do it but there is some problems which makes me a bit confused.

    She is underweight andhave a huge problem with food after her disease. She is depressed and self destructive and she said not eating was her way to punish herself. I told her to see a therapist. You can see her bones through her clothes. All she eat is gluten and sugar. She needs to gain a lot of weight.

    She probably has some kind of inflammation in her body. She can't lift her arms due to severe pain in her shoulders but the doctors can't find anything.

    So what I want is your thoughts on this? What is the best diet for her? Ketogenic for the cancer? Will that help her gain weigh if she eats enough? Or higher carb (not high carb though) for the weight gain and long term health, like a normal paleo diet. She has no problem with dairy, but should I plan a dairy free diet to help with the inflammation? I really want her to stick to this and not quitting because its too hard so I don't want to make it stricter than it has to be in the beginning, but I want her to feel like its worth it, I want her to feel a huge difference.

    Anything else, supplements?

    We live in a small town in Sweden and we have no paleo friendly doctors here. Her doctor (my mum knows her) told my mum she had to make sure she eats properly, but she means a standard diet. She even told mum to take her over for wine or "fika" (swedish word, means having a coffee with pastries).