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Working out in ketosis: Primal Blueprint vs Stronglifts 5X5

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    Originally posted by NothingLasts View Post
    What do you guys think about doing low carb/high fat 5 days a week for the non-gaining benefits that I had mentioned (improved digestion, energy level, mood, leanness etc) and employing a twice weekly carb refeed on LHT days (125g preworkout, 125g post, lower fat of course. Probably all in berries and Okinowan purple sweet potatoes, one food that I do sorely miss since beginning this ketogenic stint...)
    Something along the lines of a TKD (targeted ketogenic diet)
    Are the low carb rest day periods of the week sufficiently long enough for me to slip back into a ketogenic state?
    That could work and is something I kind of did 6 months ago. However, now I just tend to eat more, eat higher carb and lower fat (lower, not low!) on workout days and eat less, higher fat and lower carb on non-workout days.
    I used to be all excited about ketosis and I still think it is a good option for people with lots of weight to lose but for serious strength training it just doesn't work. I'd say you look fairly lean already so to keep leaning out and muscle building you may have to look at cycling your macros à la Leangains. You can micro-manage as much as you want, and this works for a lot of people (see, or you can be more relaxed about things and still see good results if you use some common sense. Slight overeating after a heavy lifting session, undereating and fasting when sedentary, etc.


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      I agree with 15-20% bf. I peg around 16%.
      Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.


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        OK ChocoTaco/others, i've been rethinking things after your input and after reading this article:
        Primal North: Keto-Adaptation vs. Low Carb Limbo

        Is this whole Atkins style induction thing that i'm doing (high fat at around 75% and <30g carbs/day) really necessary if I want to achieve a strong fat burning metabolism without necessarily maintaining ketosis? Or should I just break it now and shoot for a LC diet of ~100g carbs daily and maybe 200g twice weekly for post bodyweight workout meals? I would like to be fat adapted to a significant degree, and hopefully not experience strong hunger pangs throughout the day.


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          Yeah thats a good article...

          And even more info on the keto to beta-oxidation front.

          The Science Behind The “Low Carb Flu”, and How To Regain Your Metabolic Flexibility - GNOLLS.ORG

          You see ketosis is an entity unto itself. Whereas beta-oxidation is quite a bit more forgiving.


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            I'm getting stressed out here just trying to choose what to do for you!

            You are similar to me, micro-manage the detail, lay out the perfect plan, organize the thoughts, then re-evaluate the plan, crunch the numbers, then executeeeee.... right after I MAKE SURE I know how many carbs I'm gonna eat on Wed & pray I don't run into a kink in my schedule that keeps me from getting my calorie intake or else the plan blows up!

            Im 32 & when I was 23-25 I went through the same process. Here's what I've learned & changed up my approach a little.

            First of all, understand stress & anxiety (aka: paralysis by analysis) will wreck your progress & further weaken your digestion. Make sure you are sleeping really well, would be my primary goal.

            You mentioned the digestion issue, I suffer from similar symptoms. Low carb has been very good for my healing. If you suffer from IBS & leaky gut, look @ the GAPS menu. Has been a staple in my life, but healing your digestion is far more important for your health right now than gaining weight or cutting fat. You can simply drop calories & lean your body out, but if you're looking to get stronger & maintain a strong immune system, you need to be retaining the nutrients you eat. Full fat yogurt has been really good to my digestion. You may want invest in a good probiotic.

            I find shooting for weekly goals is better than micro-managing my days. I'm sure you have other things going on in your schedule & feeling let down by missing daily goals isn't a good thing. I now shoot for 5 lower carb days to heal my gut (only veggies & big salad days), 16-18 intermittent fasts & 2 higher carb days as a refeed & to test my digestion tolerances. To get caught up in the weeds of which days what is supposed to happen creates unwarranted stress & thats counterproductive to sleep & strength training.

            Again, don't get caught up in the decision-making weeds. You're 25, fix the digestion & gut issue first. You need to heal

            Good luck bud! looking forward to hearing how things work out for you