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Wheat and It's Dangers?

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    Originally posted by magicmerl View Post
    On what basis do you make that assertion? Have you seen this?

    (also, your thread title is equivalent to "Wheat and It is Dangers?". just saying)
    I only said "it seems" because that is what Wikipedia said, and I did not have any solid evidence.

    And wow, that is a bad typo.
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      I thought I was gluten intolerant and avoided it like the plague for almost a year. Then I started experimenting with some farmers market sourdough (supposedly the fermentation makes it virtually "gluten free"). I quickly and significantly looked fatter. I was convinced that the grains had done some inflammatory type damage to my gut. Then I remembered that each slice of bread I ate was covered in a thick layer of butter and perhaps I was just growing plain fat from overeating. So I still have no idea what to make of grains but I am growing bolder with little experimentations here and there. I don't know what to make of this information because quite frankly I'm too lazy to process all of the biology speak. But I will say this, I have made lots of WAPF/ nourishing traditions baked goods recipes using flour soaked in yoghurt and served them to even my most health conscious and sensitive, aware friends and myself with no ill effects. Besides the pleasure center being triggered by such luxurious tastes and textures. Overeating my be the worst effect of bread eating (for non celiacs).