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What am I doing wrong? Bloated, aching joints, etc..

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  • What am I doing wrong? Bloated, aching joints, etc..

    Hi All, I'm new here, and I'm going on living primal for 4 and a half weeks now. The first 2 weeks went really well. I dropped from 138 to 129 pounds. I felt better, had more energy and motivation. But the past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of confusion as to what is going on with my body and why I feel like crap half the time. Here are the stats:

    I'm 32 years old, 5'5" and currently 131 lbs. Roughly 23/24% body fat. Always been in pretty good health, rarely get sick.

    Though I hate medication, I am on Lamictal (100 mg) and Prozac (10 mg) as a mood stabilizer. I am NOT on any kind of pregnancy contraceptive.

    I work as a graphic designer, so I sit at a desk all day. I usually go home for lunch and take my dogs for a 15 minute walk. When I get home around 5, we do another 15 minute walk. Around 7 we do a 30-40 minute brisk walk with little stopping. I am usually busy with tidying, laundry, errands and shipping for my little 'side-business' and other small tasks. Sometimes the dogs and I will take a walk/jog on the beach, or I may do some push-ups and sit-ups.. that's pretty much the extent of my activity.

    To give an idea of what I'm eating:
    Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon, avocado, tomato, shrooms, onions and a little cheese, or, 2% or whole Fage with berries, coffee with 2 tbsp half & half and 2 tbsp sugar (I'm trying to wean myself off the sugar).
    Lunch: BAS, Fage w/ berries (if I haven't eaten it for b-fast), left-overs from last nights dinner, or sprouts topped with tuna, tomato and goat cheese.
    Dinner: Spaghetti squash w tomato sauce, Bacon, tomato and cheese wrapped in lettuce (romaine), chicken w/ salsa and full fat sour cream, veggies sauteed in butter, steak, eggs, etc etc.
    Snack: sometimes a hand full of almonds, macadamia nuts or a square or 2 of dark 70%+ chocolate.
    I also like a glass of Reisling 3 or 4 times per week.

    The deal:
    I was due to get my period about 3 weeks ago. I have yet to get it. At first I felt no adverse effects (ie, PMS), but 2 weeks ago I went into a perpetual state of being very bloated. I also have not been regular with my bowel movements. I'm probably going every 3 days and not a getting a whole lot out. My belly is quite distended. I feel like a cow. I did take a test and I am not pregnant.
    I often go out to dinner once a week. I feel I'm doing pretty good as far as meals, but I've been allowing myself a weekly "cheat". Two weeks ago was a chocolate chip canolli, and this past weekend was the paradise pie from chili's (basically a large cookie bar topped w/ ice cream, chocolate and caramel). I felt disgusting afterward and slept poorly that night. I woke up with a slight headache and very achy joints. Today, Monday, I still feel achy and don't have a whole lot of energy.

    My first concern is my missed period. I've been waiting and waiting for it to come and hoping the bloating with go away with it. Second concern is my constipation. Is this normal? what am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?

    Help help help!

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    Try cutting out dairy for a few weeks -- it seems like you have some with every meal. This seems to help many people, and particularly women with cycle issues. Good luck!
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      Your treats are derailing you. If you're still feeling the effects of a chocolate canolli or a piece of paradise pie two days later, that indicates that you are highly sensitive to sugar and grains and that you must stop eating them.

      This is indelicate in the extreme, but is there any chance you are pregnant?

      The constipation is probably due to not enough fats in your diet. Fats make your bowels move along.
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        Hi DevilDog, taking 400-800 mg of magnesium really helps me with constipation. I take it every day. Fat doesn't make much difference for me that I've noticed. But it also might be from the dessert -- I have experienced constipation and bloating for several days after eating bread.

        I had very irregular cycles until a D&C when I was around 40, so I can't help with that.


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          Just an fyi, with pregnancy tests you can get false negatives. Also the blue dye ones are less accurate than the pink dye ones. Some women have been known to test through most of their pregnancy and still not get a positive(why? don't ask me! I just read this stuff on my favorite family forum lol)
          Anyway, I hope you get some answers soon. That sounds uncomfortable and frustrating.
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            I'd take another pregnancy test just to make sure.

            But, I agree with Griff that it's probably the treats. A load of sugar or grain leaves me bloated and sometimes constipated for several days. If you're having a "treat" every 5-7 days, it's possible that you're never fully recovering. I find that a good 16 hour IF goes a long way toward "curing" those post-sugar symptoms.

            Also, I second dropping the dairy for 30 days to determine if that could be the cause.
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              Diets are individual, perhaps primal isn't for you? And for health issues, there's no substitute for talking to a doctor.


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                One of the major side effects of anti-depressants like Prozac is weight gain, bloating, water retention, and feelings of depression (the very thing it's given out for!) If at all possible, get off the meds as quickly and safely as possible. (sudden elimination of anti-depressants can be disastrous) Fortunately, one of the major effects of a strict primal diet (carbs below 100, even as low as 45 is better) is a stabilizing in mood. From your daily food intake, it seems there are a lot of "not-so-hidden" carbs and dairy. Try dumping the dairy/fruit/excessive carbs for a few days to a week and see if that helps. It also wouldn't hurt to abstain from the wine as well, just for a week to see if there is any improvement.


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                  I bet you dollars to donuts - errr, steaks - that it's your latest cheat that's done this to you (the bloating and achiness at least). That pie thing has 215g of carbs - the majority of which will be sugar. That much sugar would put me under the table for about two days (with bloat and achiness), with a third day of feeling really ooky (like a low-grade hangover). When you cheat I'd go with something much less "aggressive" like just a cookie or scoop of ice cream.


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                    I agree with the cutting out of treats/carbs. You do seem to have a lot of dairy in your diet... maybe it's not really agreeing with you. Once you have them eliminated for a few weeks, you can add things back in and see if you respond or react to them. I.E. I do fine with cream (in tea), or yogurt (just occasionally), but cottage cheese makes me bloat up immediately and cheese constipates me. YMMV.

                    Definitely check out your hormones. You very well could be pregnant, a negative test doesn't really mean negative! Though keep in mind that your endocrine system includes your reproductive hormones and they can do some funny things while stabilizing (including bloating, wierd cycles, etc.) A lack of progesterone ( or lowered) can also cause constipation as well.

                    The alcohol might also be irritating you enough to cause bloating. So try removing it for a couple of weeks and see if you notice the difference.

                    Agree with the note that eating primal can stabilize mood... so can adding fish oil. The dha and epa in the fish oils have a direct effect on improving mood, just as eating things that irritate the digestive tract (where most of your seratonin is produced) can lead to depression. Obviously you'd need to work on that with your doctor but maybe he'd be open to increasing fish oil and lowering the meds on a slow basis to see if it helps?!
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                      WOW.... i could not ever have a cheat like you do every week. one, i dont agree with the ingredient in that massive sugarladen cookie thing. two, you have sour cream, lots of dairy, and lots of carbs... you need much more meat and fat.

                      -change half and half to cream
                      - drop all the veggies in breakfast and add butter and more eggs
                      - drop the FAGE & berries, or only have it weekly(like as a 'cheat treat' since you do those)
                      -dont snack unless your actually hungry
                      - eat/snack on more leftover meat
                      - i dont know what Reisling is but it dont sound primal..
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                        Originally posted by Minxxa View Post
                        I do fine with cream (in tea), or yogurt (just occasionally), but cottage cheese makes me bloat up immediately and cheese constipates me.
                        exact same problem here...
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                          MalPaz, Reisling is a white wine...

                          Anyway, I'm absorbing all the suggestions everyone has made. Please keep them coming. I woke up so crabby this morning and I feel like crap..


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                            Nightshades cause joint pains. My wife and I got rid of all of ours by going nightshade free.
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                            Grains (wheat/rice/oats etc) . . . . . Dairy (milk/yogurt/butter/cheese etc) . . . . . Nightshades (peppers/tomato/eggplant etc)
                            Tubers (potato/arrowroot etc) . . . Modernly palatable (cashews/olives etc) . . . Refined foods (salt/sugars etc )
                            Legumes (soy/beans/peas etc)


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                              Definiatley re-check the pregnancy thing. Both times I have been pregnant I knew it because my tummy was very bloated, in fact very bloated and I had trouble going to the loo. Very well could be diet to.