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Any experience with candida?

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  • Any experience with candida?

    So long story short, I have candidiasis and I'm on a strict diet at the sugar or carbs. I'm wondering if anyone else has gone through this and what you did to heal your body. I am so sick all the time, a mother of 3 little boys, and I'm desperate to get better. The paleo diet is tough enough, but this no sugar thing is killing me! I'm on day 3 of the diet and I have to admit that I'm not feeling as overwhelmingly fatigued, so that gives me hope.

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    Yes and no. I have experience, but I don't know what I did to heal it I tried all manner of supplements like oregano oil, garlic extract, and Candex, as well as low-carb, but eventually, it just seemed to sort itself out.

    I would suggest looking into the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It focuses on particular carbs that are inherently less starchy, but isn't necessarily low-carb. I think it would work really well for a candida overgrowth. Check out the website, Breaking the Vicious Cycle - The Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Candida and SCD If you go straight into SCD, you'll get the fastest results, but it might be easier to adjust foods one at a time (remove or add things one by one) to watch for reaction & make it a little simpler.
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      Thank you! I just discovered oregano oil and it seems to be working miracles in my body, along with coconut oil and GSE (and of course the no sugar, dairy, fruit, carb diet). I started taking 1 drop of oregano oil several times a day and then increased it, but I did it too fast I think. I've had severe allergies and asthma which seem to be worse inside the house. Last night I did 4 drops of oregano oil and my body started freaking out. I had red eyes, itching all over, asthma, my nose was totally stuffed up....basically I felt like I was going to die. This morning things seemed to have settled down and actually my allergies are not nearly as bad. Did a hot water bath with salt and i'm also taking bentonite clay/fiber drinks between meals. I have to say I am feeling much better today. The chronic fatigue I've been suffering with for so long also seems to be improving. All with cutting out grains, sugars, dairy. I just need discipline to stick to the diet. There is so much conflicting info on what you can and cannot eat, so it gets confusing. I made some chocolate banana bread today for my family (with stevia and maple syrup, flax seed, GF flour, and buckwheat) and I am having a really hard time staying away from it!!! I will check into the SCD and see if it will help!


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        Yeah, I'm dealing with it myself. I assume I'm dealing with it because I feel the symptoms & I also have the skin rash/hive (also looks like tinea versacolor) on my back.

        I used a fungal killer to get rid of the rash, selsun blue.

        Nutritionally & internally, I like that SCD diet. I do think its a sugar thing with me. I've read many articles that state the contrary that says starving the fungus of sugar feeds the problem & fat encourages it. I notice the hive comes back when I eat sugary, processed foods. I'm pretty sure starving the candida of sugar is the key. I also have a gluten & mega wheat sensitivity so those can trigger my symptoms as well.

        Basically I'm eating clean meats & vegetables. I won't even eat more than a small piece of fruit in one sitting. I've upped my veggie intake, kept it primal & clean with the meats & that's the path. I experienced the fog as well but fought through it & my body adjusted. Sugar is no different than an alcohol or drug addiction. You are experiencing withdrawal symptoms & will simply have to fight through it & keep feeding your body clean, low glycemic foods.

        Also, if you're feeling like your calories are too low, I'd shift to more calorie dense meats & maybe play with some dairy. Full fat yogurt has become a staple for me


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          My naturopath put me onto this stuff. Seems to have helped. She reccomends following up with a good probiotic.

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            Not personally, no, but I can recommend three great anti-bacterial herbs.

            1) Garlic - mince it up, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then eat the minced pieces.
            2) Ginger - boil peeled, fresh roots until the water becomes a deep, orange color. Drink.
            3) Cinnamon - boil cinnamon sticks in water until the water is a deep, rust-red color. Could take a good while. Drink.

            All three of these herbs and spices have been traditionally used for a multitude of problems relating to bacterial and fungal overgrowths. They are also great sources of antioxidants.
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              Thanks for the input. I had 2 days where I wasn't at home and wasn't taking the antifungals on a regular schedule and started feeling tired again. Yesterday I got a UTI and had a severe headache and fatigue again. I added colloidal silver to my regimen of coconut oil, oregano oil, and grapefruit seed extract hoping to beat the infection. It seemed to go away, but is back today. Last night I woke up drenched in sweat, pounding headache. Still not feeling good today and fighting the infection. I'm wondering if I need to back off some on my treatment because maybe my liver is overwhelmed? I'm sticking to my diet but I'll be making cupcakes today for my son's birthday party, so that'll be a tough temptation. I just wish I knew what to do to feel better. This is horrible. I think after I go through this, sticking to the paleo way of life will not seem so bad because I'll be able to eat more of a variety of foods. I miss fruit and honey!


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                I would say back off yes, and maybe add some milk thistle to help your liver out. You're supposed to rotate your antifungals so your body doesn't get accustomed to them. Try two at a time (but coconut oil always) and change every few weeks.

                For some immediate relief, Pau D'Arco is another good anti-fungal and works really well in tea form. For the last yeast infection I had, I used pau d'arco tea, drinking 4 cups a day with a fresh bag each time. Let it steep, covered, for 10 min before drinking. Before the end of the first day (enough bags to get me through 4-5 days in a box), my yeast infection was either gone or severely diminished.
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