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Importance of insulin in weight gain scenario?

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  • Importance of insulin in weight gain scenario?

    So I'm confused reading Mark's posts; I have to gain weight but want to minimize fat gain as well. I always had the impression that one should eat as much protein as possible (I''ve been eating 2x body weight in grams about) when gaining weight because protein is the "hardest" to convert to body fat. Then I read on Mark's post that protein is actually insulinogenic & excess protein above your needs can convert to glucose via glucogenisis, leading to body fat storage. I've also heard that dietary fat converts directly to body fat when eating above calories, but carbs also raise insulin & promote fat storage.

    So is eating a lot of protein above your requirements actually counterproductive to my goals because it spikes insulin, hence promoting fat storage? And if so, should I get my other calories from fat if I decrease protein?

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    lol... this is just such a cluster *&^@ of questions and ideas that no one has wanted to tackle it I see.

    OK....I'm actually not gonna either.

    Eat primal foods. If you wanna gain mass eat more primal food.


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      This should answer a lot of your questions: How We Get Fat | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald
      My nutrition/fitness/critical thinking blog:


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        If you overeat anything you're going to gain fat. For your over-abundant protein to go to muscle gain you must also provoke a strong stimulus for muscle growth.
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