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How is inflamation 'cooled' by primal?

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    Originally posted by Jennifla View Post
    Many people get a reduction in joint pain. In my case, it is the elimination of wheat and dairy that gives me the best results (I'm 47 yo and my joint pain began over 10 years ago). Theories abound, including leaky gut followed by protein fragments and bacterial components (LPS=lipopolysaccharide) finding their way into the bloodstream provoking an immune and/or autoimmune response. Be prepared to learn a lot of biochemistry and physiology if you want to delve into the theories. Many PB people do not buy into the conventional wisdom (CW) dogma which declares that meat is pro-inflammatory, as well as a lot of other gems of CW such as "whole grains are healthy". I have a solid background in biochem, and like to read the research and discussions, but in the end, I don't really care WHY it works. I'm just grateful that something as simple as an eating plan keeps me healthy.

    I'm glad it's working for you!
    Very interesting posting ... plus I like your signature (Scarlett)! I want to better educate myself on pro-inflammatory vs anti-inflammatory foods. Years ago, I was a chemistry major, so I think I can deal with reading the technical jargon. I've been seeing a Nutritionist this year and his major theme for me has been to eliminate grains, dairy, processed foods and concentrate on vegetables, fish, lean proteins. Have lost 47 lbs this year and have vastly improved my lean muscle mass. Exercise is also an important component of my regimen.
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