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Mosquito bites and diet

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  • Mosquito bites and diet

    Is there anything I can eat that will prevent me from being dinner to the mosquito world?

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    I remember reading about (a long time ago) B12 being a 'natural' way to keep mosquitoes at bay.

    My mother had great success using it for a couple years until she figured out that she was getting frequent yeast infections from increased vitamin B. I think she was taking a B-complex vitamin and not just the B12.

    Although, you'd think that if you're eating enough meat, you're getting plenty of B12.
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      I don't know if its a myth but ppl say that if you avoid sugar / fruit etc then ur less likely to get bitten

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        bees and mosquitos seem to hate bounce sheets. even though that not diet related, its been tested to work in my life!!


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          I don't think there's anything you can eat that will really be effective. Some people are bitten more frequently than others. I've read that it has to do with the pH of one's blood. I get bitten all the time.

          When I was in college, I lived in a co-op, and for a while, we had fleas. I was allergic to flea bites so the bites would turn into welts. Anyway, people said that eating garlic would make them not bite so I ate heads of garlic (yeah, really). It did absolutely nothing. What worked was topical eucalyptus oil.

          I use Mercola's bug repellent. Unlike the DEET repellents, it doesn't smell gross, and it's pretty safe. And it works.

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            A couple drops of peppermint oil and vanilla extract in an unscented lotion or oil applied to your body will deter them a bit.
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              Years ago when I was in the Bahamas the locals suggested drinking a shot of vinegar. The idea is that it comes out through your pores when you sweat and repels the bugs. I still got bit, but I have no way of knowing if it would have been even worse without it. I'm sure cooking with vinegar might have a similar effect if it actually does work.


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                If you know wild plants you might try eating two leaves of Plantain per day. Over a week's time it's reported build up in your system and deter mosquitoes. I've tried it for a camping trip but also went to a party before then. Others at the party were complaining about getting bit but I was ok. The leafs are kind of pungent to the taste.
                broadleaf plantain

                You can make a salve from dried plantain soaked in olive oil for about 6 weeks that's useful on bug bites and burns.
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                  Is this for a trip? If not I can't help.

                  I go to Alaska every year for a week and there are clouds of ravenous mosquitos the size of small humming birds. I start eating ridiculous amounts of garlic EVERY day 2-3 weeks before hand. You have to eat so much that you can smell it on yourself. So much, that everyone around you is offended. Keep eating the garlic through out the trip and you wont get bit. Everyone around is getting hammered with bites the whole trip and I'm good to go.

                  The easiest way for me personally to eat that much garlic is to roast it till its gooey and slather it on everything. I love it.