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Toxicity and eating liver

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  • Toxicity and eating liver

    I love liver- well, beef in particular but also chicken, never tried another animal. Here's my concern: even getting (ideally) grass-fed or (more likely) organic livers, is it healthy in regards to toxins, etc? It seems like I've heard/read several places that you should limit liver intake due to their role in filtering all the toxic crap from the animal.

    Also, maybe a really stupid question: is beef liver and calf liver the same? Because, if not, I am sure that eating calf liver would reduce any toxins. I wonder if people just use the labels interchangeably though.

    I did a search on the forums to see if this had already been discussed but all I came up with was a bunch of results showing that you all loves you some liver.

    And, on an aside..... my brother (very picky eater) and I have loved liver since we were kids. We were raised very poor so liver was a good cheap meat option. Well our mom was concerned that we would hear others kids didn't like "liver" so she told us what we were eating was "steak". We loved steak! Well, one time (special occasion), my step-father's parents were coming over for dinner and my mom was doing her best to have a nice spread. So she served real steak. But once it got delivered to the table, my brother (7) and I (5) started saying, "This isn't steak, WE WANT STEAK!!!" My mom, embarrassingly, had to explain to her in-laws. Funny little kids, we didn't like steak but we loved liver.
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    I LOVE liver!

    I eat it every other day. A big slice. At WF, beef liver is only 2$ a pound, whereas calf's is 8$. I actually prefer the former since it's stronger and firmer.

    As for the toxicity, I don't think too much of it. I have read that if you eat lots of Vitamin A, though, you should also take in enough Vitamin D to balance it.
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      Thanks for the reply, rphlslv. Guess I've just never had calf liver- I figured people were inadvertently using 'calf' in place of 'beef'.

      So, nobody else has heard about the toxicity of eating liver? Any definitive info on this? Doing internet searches, one can come up with anything to support any side of a topic so I was hoping that it'd been discussed here or on other healthful lifestyle sites. Hmph.
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        Liver only filters the toxins, so that their neutralized. If memory serves me well, it doesn't retain them. Thus, eat up.


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          Thanks, rahchis. I tip my liver-laden fork in your direction.
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            Even if it does it's not it's the end of the world. Oh no oh no a herbivore's liver! Must contain stuff from plants! I think that awesome nutrition is worth any toxins you get. We evolved for millions of years eating this stuff and got pretty good at eliminating toxic stuff. We're pretty darn good at it given proper nutrition like in...say...liver.

            Also every single paleo authority recommends it.
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              I try to consume 1/2lb of liver a week. I feel even better since incorporating it into my diet. I know you can't just go on how you feel but I am completely unconcerned about claims of liver's toxicity. I've also heard from plenty of people that saturated fat and cholesterol are going to make my heart explode.

              Here's some info on this glorious organ meat...



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                I eat liver. Everyone should. It is just about the most nutrient dense meat that there is. Sadly, it is replete with toxins. I hold that the nutrients far outway the toxins. Because of the potential toxin count, I prefer calf's liver. Less time exposed to 'whatever'. Also, I try to eat only organic liver.

                The only people that I can think of that should not eat liver--or at least, not eat very much of it--are people who have kidney problems or gout. It is a serious vector for purines.
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                  Originally posted by rahchis View Post
                  Liver only filters the toxins, so that their neutralized. If memory serves me well, it doesn't retain them. Thus, eat up.
                  are you sure about this?!?!?! liver is my FAVORITE FOOD, chicken or beef.... i was only getting it once a week b/c i didnt wanna overload... its so cheap hell i'd eat it all the time!
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                    Timely thread. I've just sat down to try lambs liver for the first time. Interesting flavour and I'm sure I could come to enjoy it eventually.

                    Does anyone have any favourite recipes for liver?


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                      Anyone got any liver recipes that don't taste like liver?
                      I've tried chicken livers a couple of times - once just fried up and bunged in an omelette, and once in a paté.....there are lamb liver and kidneys in my local supermarket though....


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                        Northern Monkey Girl, I'm going to try these




                        Lambs liver @ £1.20/lb - could be some good options


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                          My buddy refuses to eat liver from older animals due to toxins (his words not mine) and would only eat calf liver from a grass fed animal.
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                            As for liver recipes, pan=seared liver tastes great with a side of steamed spinach and bacon/caramelized onion jam (that is onions oinons sauteed in bacon grease after you've cooked the bacon, and then thrown in the blender with the actual bacon until it forms a butter/jam/spread).


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                              I've heard that bear liver is toxic, but I am beginning to doubt that.