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  • Ratio for losing body fat

    I'm just not getting it.

    I work out at the gym, hard. Five times a week.

    Mentally - I can go with NO carbs. I can literally not eat carbs AT ALL because I enjoy meat and salads so much, and have my few restaurants that serve carbless dishes that I love.

    But when I don't eat any carbs - I get EXHAUSTED and depressed. So I need to force myself to eat carbs.

    I'm THIN, if you'd see me you wouldn't understand why I'm even bothering with this thread, but I'm trying FOR ONCE in my life to get a sixpack. I'm 34, it's now or never.

    So what exactly am I don't wrong that it doesn't seem like I'm losing enough fat? I lost a ton, but now I'm stuck somehow.

    I'm 5.8, about 154 pounds. What's the carbs / protein / fat ratio I should have, considering that I'm working hard at the gym with weights? I don't do cardio, only lifting.

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    Some calculator I found online gave me this:

    GRAMS per day

    Carbs 112g
    Protein 180g
    Fat 70g

    Does this seem right? So it's like:

    Two large potatoes for carbs (400 grams of rice)
    800 Gram of chicken (?!?!?!) for protein
    Fat to come from chicken I guess.

    In THEORY, that's the amount of food I should eat a day? If I add a large salad, I'm good? I think I had way too much Tahini with my chicken, that stuff is packed with calories. Is that too much carbs?

    I've NEVER counted this stuff before so I'm just writing this to get a ballpark figures. I'm shocked that 400 grams of rice is just about 120 grams of carbs.
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      Check out Nate Miyaki's site, you should find some useful stuff. I tend to go 1 G protein per pound of BW, carbs to meet your athletic needs, maybe start at 100g then work it up if needed. Fill the rest of your calorific needs with fat sources. But look at your calorie requirements and work it from there.

      If you are happy to monitor calories for a couple of weeks, do it, the move calories/ food intake up or down to meet your body comp/ energy goals


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        Yeah, I was shocked too, I eat 200g or sweet potato and 150g rice, still only just over 100g carbs, very cool


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          400 grams of rice is TONS of Sushi, it's like I can have as much as I want from it.


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            So, if you are skinny fat, you really need to build muscle mass and lose fat, if you are genuinely thin, I'd work on building some mass for a couple of months and eat accordingly, no need for low carb really. You have to fuel your workouts and if you want to build mass, you need the anabolic effects of carbs to some extent.

            Play with the calorie intake and adjust every couple of weeks as needed


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              Intermittent fasting?

              About the ratios, you're gonna have to figure that out yourself because everyone reacts differently.

              And why the 6-pack obsession? Just a personal goal? Your health seems fine otherwise, I personally wouldn't go to so much pain and headache for the vanity...but that's just me.
              F 28/5'4/100 lbs

              "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research."


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                Most guys want a six pack, vanity of course, but although it doesn't mean you are fit or healthy, bf has to be low. If you can build a good musculature I reckon it's a good look, and so do the girls apparently!


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                  What do your workouts look like? Length and intensity? Frequency? I was going hard 5 days a week and not seeing much. When I cut my workouts down to 25-40 minutes with increased intensity I saw results. Now my fat and protein intake both vary between 100-200g a day, carbs less then 50, allowing for two refeed days a week (non-workout days).


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                    Um, eat some carbs?


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                      Originally posted by Primal_BK View Post
                      What do your workouts look like? Length and intensity? Frequency? I was going hard 5 days a week and not seeing much. When I cut my workouts down to 25-40 minutes with increased intensity I saw results. Now my fat and protein intake both vary between 100-200g a day, carbs less then 50, allowing for two refeed days a week (non-workout days).
                      I do about an hour, I keep mixing things up. I think I do train too much. What do you mean increased intensity? And you do 50 carbs a day PLUS refeed? How much do you eat on those days?


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                        OP.... you seem to be about my height and weight (I"m 5'9 160lbs and 34 years old)

                        Really to get -, like six pack lean, isn't easy at all. It's rather unnatural. I don't aspire to it myself, but if you do you might check out Pklopps blog here.

                        Seems his site is down so I'll give you the breakdown. To go from the 12-15% (I think) bf zone to the raging six pack single digit zone he had to eat a restrictive CALORIE diet of primarily meat and veggies, being sure to get 1.5g/kg of bodyweight worth of protein each day or a gram/pound if you like to be safe (again if I recall correctly) at one meal a day of 1500 calories for over 5 weeks. Nothing I'm willing to do for vanity sakes, but there you go.
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                          1. If you do not feel good eating VLC (many don't) then do not eat that way. The fact that the human body can adapt to and deal with a NO CARB time does not mean that it is optimal.

                          2. There is no magical Protein-Fat-Carb ratio. At best the ratio is the "Fine Tune" part of the equation.

                          3. Most of these diets are really designed so that you hopefully feel good and approach a healthy weight without too much calorie counting - They are not designed for the Six Pack look.

                          4. If you have just lost a bunch of weight and are still trying to lose then the Six Pack should not be your goal right now. During weight lose there is a near inevitable loss of lean mass. Let your body get used to the new fat level. You are probably a year away from even considering a Six Pack and feeling good while you have it.

                          5. I know that what you do for a work-out is very personal but you could try mixing that up a bit. You could try cutting back the 5 day strength training to 3 days (something like Strong Lifts) and use the other two days for Sprint Training. You will end up feeling, being and looking more athletic.

                          It seems like you are already doing great. Take your time and enjoy yourself!
                          Some of you may die, but that is a risk I'm willing to take.


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                            Originally posted by iconoclast79 View Post
                            Um, eat some carbs?
                            ^^ Yeah, this. There is nothing virtuous about denying your body what it needs simply because you are mentally capable of doing so.


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                              I'm just curious where you are coming from. Have you lost a bunch of weight to get to 154 or gained a bunch? Or just been 154 forever?

                              At any rate, maybe have a read of the Perfect Health Diet. Since you aren't too far off from your ideal weight, you should really be focusing on long-term eating to maintain your leanness and gain some muscle.

                              One thing that helped me was to stop counting calories and macros, and eat about a pound a day of starch, a pound of meat, and a pound or so of other veggies and fruit. It's easy to eyeball this amount and it doesn't have to be exact. I eat twice a day, lunch is generally a can of sardines and a baked potato and salad. Dinner is a big hunk of meat, rice or potatoes, veggies, fruit, cheese, chocolate, nuts, eggs, or other primal fare.

                              I don't think getting really strict with macro ratios is what you need at this point, and at some point you have to concede that a 6-pack is not going to happen and eating healthy and maintaining weight is what is going to get you to old age.