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Coconut water kefir/yogurt vs. Raw goat milk kefir/yogurt

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  • Coconut water kefir/yogurt vs. Raw goat milk kefir/yogurt

    My finance and I have been making young coconut water kefir and coconut yogurt for several months now. To the kefir I will often add lime, ginger and stevia or blend up strawberries and stevia with it so the end result is very much like the drink Kevita which is sold at Whole Foods which I love. One of the reasons I like young coconuts so much is that supposedly they have cancer prevention properties.

    I am also thinking of making yogurt and/or kefir from raw goats milk (I can't use cows milk as I am allergic). Raw goat's milk is pretty hard to get but I am pretty sure I can get it here.

    Both the coconuts and the goat's milk are very expensive so I am probably not going to be able to afford both.

    Which one do you think is more nutritious and why? Thanks.

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    Hard to say. Haven't made water kefir, but I make raw milk kefir religiously, but I use cow milk mostly. I have used goat's milk for kefir though and it's delicious. I tend to make smoothies with it, with a banana and some berries.

    I'm guessing dairy kefir will be more nutritious, but that's only a guess. Reasoning being dairy has more nutrients to start with than coconut water, and fermenting only increases those nutrients (and the kefir grains eat a lot of the sugars too, which is great)
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      I've always been interested in fermenting things but I seem to have this irrational fear that I am going to get a bad batch and poison myself with some weird toxic substance.


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        We have been fermenting stuff for the past year and haven't gotten sick or killed anyone. We make the fermented coconut water kefir and yogurt, kombucha, ginger/tumeric tea and fermented sauerkraut/vegetables. It is nowhere near as hard as it seems.


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          I've made raw goat milk kefir, I think that would be cheaper if you can find raw goat milk. I belonged to a goat share so that's how we went around the raw milk laws. I also make kombucha, sauerkraut, and sour cream (my favorite) and no one has gotten sick.
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            I've been drinking both coconut water kefir and goat milk kefir and I love coconut water one more, it tastes better and I suppose it has more benefits. At this page there is coconut water kefir recipe that I use. But as was already mentioned here it would be much cheaper to drink goat milk kefir.
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