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  • My daily requirements?

    I've not started yet and was just trying to figure out what I would need to consume each day. Since I'm sedentary right now due to pain when I move I should start with the lower end of things to maintain my insulin levels and start to lose the extra fat and hopefully allow my body to repair some of the damage that's been done over time and eventually the pain might subside and I can incorporate exercise then.

    It's just an estimate but based on my LBM at 143, my daily protein intake at the lowest level to maintain that should be about 72 grams per day. If I keep my carb intake at under 80 grams per day and the minimum of fat is 100 grams per day, that's more fat in my diet then anything else. Maybe I'll get different results once I have my physical in June (first time ever getting one) and find my LBM is different from what the calculator I used online says. Granted it didn't take into account anything other then height, weight and waist circumference, but it was the only one I could find that at least took something other then height and weight alone.

    By the way, generally what are the measurements required to figure the LBM so if I wanted to start primal now instead of waiting until my physical in June I can get those calculations done myself? I am a little impatient to get started and since I just got paid it's time to go shopping for food. I'd rather use my money to buy primal rather then just continue as I have been until I know for sure. Would it also be wise to invest in a food scale or how do most of you generally weigh out or figure out what you are eating each day?

    Thanks for your input.

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    This online calculator will give you a pretty good idea of your body fat to within 2% or so.
    (It's easier and more accurate if you have someone else take the measurements.)
    Take that number and multiply by your current weight- that's your body fat in pounds. Subtract that from your body weight, and you'll have your estimate for LBM.

    I don't actually have a food scale, but I do eyeball all my protein servings. It usually has a total weight on the package; I just cut it up in equal-sized pieces when I get it, and divide the weight by the number of pieces. If one is a little over, another one will be a little under, so it evens out.
    Easy-peasy ;-) Good luck on your adventure---please keep checking back in!
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      what online calculator? lol I dont see a link...


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        I don't see a link either. Could you try to post it in again please? Thanks!
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          D'OHHHHHH!!! Sorry--- pilot error is to blame for that