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  • Recommended supplements?

    What kind of supplements do you guys recommend to complement primal living? So far I just take D-vitamin 5000 IU and fish oil. I'm not sure if i should actually go for some multivitamin supplements because I am not eating vegetables as frequently as I should.

    My second question is how artificially created vitamins differ from the ones we get natually from food? Afaik the bioavailability is not as good in artificial vitamins (for reasons not known to me yet). But how exactly is that a problem, don't we just need to take a bigger dose from the supplements?

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    Damnregistering ( it),

    Not to sound like an advertisement, but I take Mark's Damage Control Master Formula each day. It's basically the kitchen sink of supplements. I too want to maximize bioavailability, so I take it slowly and with fish oil over the course of a meal. I take two packets plus four fish oils on the days I only eat once; otherwise I spread that out over two meals.

    I'm also partial to a good protein powder. I take a zero-carb blend of organic whey isolate which Primal Nutrition doesn't offer (although they may soon). However, I don't want this to be a primary nutrient source so I always keep it to about 20% or less of my daily protein intake.

    Perhaps one day I will be so primal that I'll be hunting my own prey in the mountains, eating the liver right out of the carcass, scrambling the brains and kidneys, doing double shots of vitreous humor and cracking the bones with my sledgehammer for stock. Then I wouldn't need supplements anymore. But that day is still pretty far off, so until then, I don't feel bad about supplementing my diet of dark green veg and muscle cuts.


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      I'm in the other camp. Study after study shows that we piss out more synthetic vitamins and minerals than we retain. Excuse my French.

      A balanced (grain, sugar, wheat-free) diet can provide you with 100% of every vitamin, mineral and fatty acid you need. In fact - you can get 100% of your vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in less than 10 ingredients.


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        what are the ingredients?


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          My diet consists of only 5-6 ingredients haha.

          I supplement regularly with fish oil, vitamin d3, and ginkgo biloba.

          Recently due to an injury I started adding calcium, magnesium and vitamin C in hopes that it will speed up recovery. However I don't plan to keep these in my diet. But I don't plan on throwing them out either, I'll just finish them.
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            That was rhetorical but let's see - calf liver, bell peppers, canned salmon with bones, mustard greens, radishes, eggs, macadamia nuts and parsley (or various other green you don't ever think of eating). That's 8. If you're not a fan of salmon bones, you can add milk or oysters. Add both an you're at 10 ingredients.


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              I take various minerals on days that I think I'm low in them, fish oil on days where I need it, vitamin d, vitamin e, k2, alpha-lipoic acid, and probiotics. I look like a supplement junkie but I swear that they're all having a beneficial impact. I think a lot of people underestimate the importance of optimal nutrition or overestimate their body's ability to absorb nutrients. I have to side with Mark's take on a oh-my-god-assloads-of-nutrients-in one supplement approach. I think as long as you get good quality stuff there is a lot more benefit than risk.
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                how have the probiotics helped you? have you noticed change/difference...??

                why do you take ALA? or can you explain what it is
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                  ALA is one of our cellular universal antioxidants and protects us from free radical damage at the intracellular level. It also regenerates our other universal antioxidants like vitamin c, e, glutathione, and coq10. And those in turn regenerate each other. It's one big complex web of defense and I think that getting ample c, e and ALA and maximizing glutathione are very important for counteracting degeneration. That's where the real protection is. I think that some of the transient dietary antioxidants like from tea have benefits to them but all of these suckers with their acai berry juice should actually be focusing on our body's intrinsic defenses.

                  Probiotics had a big effect on my acne a year ago when I started taking them, before I started learning about real nutrition. So I continue to take them as an insurance policy. I recommend them to anyone with a history of eating junk or drug use, even if they have been clean for a while. They can't possibly hurt anyway.

                  edit: multi-strain can't hurt. I wouldn't take one with just a single strain. Don't quote me on it but I think single strains can become dominant and crowd out other ones. And it doesn't make sense to just get one type when you can get many.
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                  Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!


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                    casn you explain what to look for in multi strain vs single strain??
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                      That's the one I use. I suppose just look for various appealing strains and guarantees of quality. They all tend to do different things and many of the benefits have been proven like with acidophilus and bifobacterium and some are still speculative. The world of nutritional supplements, while thought to be there for the benefit of the consumer's health is just a big business.
                      Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

                      Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!


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                        I used to work in the supplement world for a decade and here's my take: I think the fish oil and D3 are great. A probiotic would also be a good idea. I like Reuteri pearls (because I'm forgetful and they can be taken anytime- with or without food

                        Another thing I would consider would be an antioxidant. I like New Chapter's Supercritical Antioxidant. It boosts cellular glutathione and SOD levels and reduces inflammation.
                        It has real research behind it:

                        You could also take an antiglycation nutrient like carnosine or trans-resveratrol (no, trans-resveratrol isn't just whole lotta hype!)

                        My thoughts on the Women's Health Initiative study findings? I take them with a grain of salt because there is no differentiation as to whether these people were taking USP synthetic vitamins, naturally-derived isolates or matrixed food-sourced whole nutrients. BIG difference! Also, it doesn't matter how awesome your supplements are if your diet is crap (which, no doubt, the majority of the participants' diets were!)

                        If you do want a multivitamin, I recommend something from real whole food sources, like Megafood brand. They make sure the molecular matrix is still intact after processing. Here is more info (from Innate Source- the practitioner's label of Megafood)


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                          Getting your vitamins from food is best imo. taking tablets with vitamins in isolation isn't how are bodies are used to ingesting them. A lot of vitamins are synergistic, so getting the right combinations in the right amounts is hard. And of course more isn't always better.

                          I've taken a lot of supplements in the past. I've settled down to taking:

                          Fishoil (only when I don't eat any fish). Since I eat fish pretty much every day, sometimes twice a day I don't supplement this very frequently.
                          Vitamin D: 5000iu tabs daily. I do a vitD test twice a year and generally keep my levels in the optimal range.

                          The following two articles are worth a read:


                          from a body builder's perspective but still good advice:



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                            Originally posted by damnregistering View Post
                            What kind of supplements do you guys recommend to complement primal living?
                            None. If you are doing PB correctly, there is no need for any supplements.
                            The "Seven Deadly Sins"

                            Grains (wheat/rice/oats etc) . . . . . Dairy (milk/yogurt/butter/cheese etc) . . . . . Nightshades (peppers/tomato/eggplant etc)
                            Tubers (potato/arrowroot etc) . . . Modernly palatable (cashews/olives etc) . . . Refined foods (salt/sugars etc )
                            Legumes (soy/beans/peas etc)


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                              How come tomatos are bad? I agree we should be able to get what we need if eating proper. It is not always easy to get the right foods.