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When to eat carbs for weight loss- before or after working out

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  • When to eat carbs for weight loss- before or after working out

    I have been PB'ing since mid April, and have come up with my own method of integrating IF with it (just feels so natural).

    I pretty much listen to my body which is why my fasting period/eating window varies from day to day. For eg, i broke my fast after 16 hours of fasting today because i was hungry and i will stop eating at 8pm, but yesterday i had fasted for 20 hours and had a 4 hour eating window. I never eat after 8pm.

    I train 5 days a week. Am a 24 year old female and am quite fit.

    I just want to get some opinions as to when i should be eating cardio- before or after training?

    I usually like to do fasted cardio when I can, but some days I leave my training till night time (after I've eaten).

    Reason why I'm asking is because i keep reading that the body requires glucose after training for muscle recovery.

    However i feel as though carbs would be better in the early hours of the day for energy.

    It would be useful to add that I do count calories and keep an eye on what goes into my body so I don't ever eat more than 50g of carbs/day. I do make exceptions when I have to go out for dinner, approx once/week and eat only up to 100g of carbs (which usually comes from brown rice).

    Because I don't eat a lot of carbs, is it ok for me to eat them throughout the day?

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    It's perfectly fine to eat carbs throughout the day, and they are certainly not required post workout. The argument behind eating carbohydrates post workout is to refill glycogen stores in order to recover for the next day's training. However, if you're eating carbs throughout the day, glycogen resynthesis should not be a problem.

    I would argue that the only nutrient you truly need in some time post workout is protein, as it will halt catabolism and increase muscle protein synthesis.

    All in all, you don't really have to worry about the timing of specific macronutrients as long as you're hitting your totals for the day as a whole. Eat carbs when you like to eat them.
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