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    Okay, after totally abusing the sun in the late 80's through the late 90's (laying out for hours with baby oil on), I started to completely SHUN the sun. For the last 15 years, I have worn #50 sunscreen before ever going out in the sun and constantly reapplied it so I did not get any exposure whatsoever. After reading the information about healthy tanning/vitamin D on Dr. Mercola's site and here, I have decided to let myself back into the sun in a more healthy way. I do constantly keep sunscreen on my face as I believe it does make you age faster, but when I go hiking and to the beach or do gardening, I now let myself have at least 30 minutes of healthy sun exposure several times a week before covering up or putting on sunscreen. I just look and feel sooooo much better. I really love the sun, being tan and am so glad I don't have to deprive myself anymore.

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    i'm fair and freckled yet spent a good portion of my life lying in the sun. i no longer do that, but don't wear sunblock anymore when outdoors. i do often wear a hat though.

    now that my d-levels are more normal i don't think i burn as much as i previously did.
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      I second what Noodetoy said- with my D levels being normal, I almost can't burn. It's weird.
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