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Transitioning From Raw Vegan to Meat...

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  • Transitioning From Raw Vegan to Meat...

    Hey all...

    I have been lurking here for awhile. Great stuff. Very informative. Well I'm here because I have been a raw vegan for 9 years. 100%. And after tweaking, monitoring, experimenting, doing every cleanse, eating every imaginable raw food 'livin' supplement, lots of fruit no fruit, lots of fat no fat, etc finally I have broken through the raw food wall and realize for my own unique bio individuality its not working for me. I'm not deathly sick, or ill. Haven't had a cold or a flu in years. Yet I'm not thriving electric and dancing seductively with trees like so many other raw fooders I have watched in my periphery.... So hence the 9 years, as I'm sure if I had some very serious issues this raw wall would have been broken years ago. Or if I continued doing it my symptoms would have got progressively worse.

    Anyway luckily I found a great nutritionist who helped me wade through the yuck mucks of all these alleged one size fits all universal 'diets' to figure out my own specific needs via extensive blood work, functional diagnosis, glucose testing etc etc. Basically I need meat. Not white meats, but RED, high in purine, organ meats, darker meats and healthy fats. Found out my body cannot create efficient energy via glucose, and it shed holy light on so many questions about why I wasn't feeling great etc, how can this be I'm eating so "healthy". So I'm finally willing to try another experiment with my reds and see what happens... But I digress.

    Sorry I feel like I got up in front of the class as the kids eyes look rotate left and right like Why is homeboy saying all this?

    LOL. Anyway I have researched all about grass-fed, finished meats. Weston Price, The Vegetarian Myth, etc as well as reading this site. What I'm having issue with is trying to figure out for myself is actually how much meat I should buy in bulk to get me through a few weeks? As a raw foodie I constantly had to go to the store for produce. I rely on good ol transit systems in LA to get around so I aint trying to do this with meat. As all the healthy places to purchase, farmers markets aren't a hop skip and a twerk away.

    So I'm curious for any single peeps out there, not feeding families, For 1 person if you need 2 to 3 meals per day with some protein how much meat would you need to buy in bulk?

    I understand if I was getting one type of meat its pretty easy. But the variety, Liver, Beef, Bison,etc

    Are there any bulk buyers who can help a newbie out with my lonely cold dark empty freezer?


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    I had the same question after being veg for 20 years, it took me a while to get the balance right, and yes, the freezer's definitely your friend!

    I find that about 150g/5 ounces liver is enough for me in a single serving, I can barely eat more after that because it's so rich, conversely anything UNDER about that weight of steak is just not enough, one lamb neck fillet (dunno size but it should be a fairly standard item) which I buy for the fats and connective tissue is just about enough for one meal, unless I pad it with some potato and carrots, in which case there'll be enough for a smaller supper.

    I usually have some chicken or fish for supper (probably not a biggie for you) and with those I just have whatever the kind of "unit" size is, eg, a tin of tuna or chicken breast or leg, and pad it out from there if needed, because they come in all sizes and sometimes I have to go with what I can afford over what would be biggest. I don't know if you plan to eat pilchards (sardines) but I found that about 250g/9 ounces of those babies is enough for me, with some veg and the (moderately clean) tomato juice some british brands are packed in.

    Most of my meals are heavy on the meat and lighter on veg but I've stretched meat by adding a small amount of rice to the casserole or crock-pot dish, and even lentils in the past, though I personally don't use them now. I've eaten other meats but those I've named all have different textures and so that's a guideline of what I eat, I'm a medium height woman and healthy weight (BMI wise, could lose a few vanity pounds) and in my 40's fwiw, bit more sedentary than I'd like due to practical reasons.

    Maybe post an idea of your weight, age and activity level to get posts from guys closer to your body composition? My stuff's probably only useful to give you a rough idea of the minimums.

    Good luck mate!


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      Single peep here. As a 1-2 meal/day eater I typically plan an 8 oz. serving for dinner. Lunch is often a different animal protein like 2-4 eggs or 3-6 oz. of high-protein dairy (skyr, cottage cheese, ricotta, paneer). Sunday brunch is 4 oz. of bison or lamb liver. 2-3 nights a week I have ~1 cup of vegetable soup made from bone stock.

      That's about it for protein. Because I avoid seeds the plant protein is only incidental amounts.

      My peculiar nutrition glossary and shopping list


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        It's a tough transition even going from fairly healthy CW (but CAFO meats) to healthfully sourced meats. Depending on your freezer capacity, I'd say buy as much as you can store first and see how long it lasts. I'm currently a renter and the standard contractor grade freezer on my fridge easily holds about 25-30 pounds of meat and fish with a little room left over for frozen bone broth, some bones, and my ice cube trays.

        Some online sources for things you might not be able to easily get locally are Amazon (gluten free flour and BPA-free canned sardines), Marx Foods (for larger orders of things like NZ beef or wild salmon), and US Wellness Meats (good variety of meats, sausages, and organs you might not find easily).
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          Originally posted by DavyLeo View Post
          Are there any bulk buyers who can help a newbie out with my lonely cold dark empty freezer?
          Especially since you're in a transition phase, I wouldn't worry about details too much. Hit the most convenient decent grocery store and get the bulk packs of ground beef, "individual" packages of liver, "family packs" of, like, chicken thighs. Etc.

          For eggs, get whatever, anything you can get in a store (even labeled "free run" or "free range") is going to pale compared to farm-fresh from next door, so establishing the habit/routine trumps exact egg specifications.

          Get into a sustainable rhythm and then worry about fine tuning the nuances. Load the freezer up, get all the crap out of the house, and have at 'er.