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How do you NOT graze when you have little kids?

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    I also had that issue previously, and I made it a habit to say 'now is not the time for eating' to myself even when getting the kid snacks. I also took a moment to tune in to my hunger cues. Was I really needing that cheese, or was it just because it was there? It was a gradual process but now I do not feel tempted to snack unless I am really hungry, and then it is dinner time anyway.

    I think each kid is different, and would base the 'need' for snacks on your own kids. Mine need the afternoon snack, but don't need a morning one. We eat dinner a bit later here at 7 pm, so a 4:30 snack prevents everyone from crashing. On the rare days we eat dinner at 5:30-6, no snack is needed.

    Also, what qualifies as a 'snack' is very different here. A half piece of fruit, a small handful of nuts, or a cheese stick is it around here.

    My kids also can get distracted at mealtimes, and do not focus on food the same way adults do. Combine that with a smaller stomach, and you have a kid who crashes in a few hours.