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What have been your best health tweaks?

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    I do not eat wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, nuts, fruit, or grains of ANY SORT - and I feel OVER THE MOON fantastic. I also exercise every day, and I feel PHENOMENAL afterwards!

    I also stopped eating breakfast and now do a brunch/lunch and dinner which has helped my digestion too!


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      Diet (most of them to be achieved still):

      letting go of food shame
      self-experimenting and distrust of every nutritional specialist/research mumbo-jumbo (there is an article out there which will justify whatever works for you)
      using body response for protein intake modifications
      learning to be content
      not counting
      key is change, as there is no One True Way


      glucomannan - kills appetite, as my satiation mechanism seem to demand a LOT of fiber


      just do it
      don't do what feels wrong/not fun
      not trying to measure up. my best is good enough
      My Journal:
      When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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        1. Giving up competitive strength sports.
        2. Losing weight.
        3. Fasting.
        4. Learning not to worry about food so much.
        5. Walking.
        6. Living in an area where I can get a lot of sun.
        7. Giving up caffeine.
        8. Removing stress and doing what makes me happy.


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          So, is eating a lot of fruit a new "thing" around here?


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            Originally posted by Rojo View Post
            So, is eating a lot of fruit a new "thing" around here?
            Not really, there are just some users who eat more fruit than one might expect on a primal diet. There are also some users here who aren't really primal.
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              I'd say that giving up gluten and breakfast were the biggest changes, but those happened long before I found this WOE. Another big one was eating more meat so I craved less cheese. Funny how I missed that connection previously.


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                - Fasting. IMO, primal without SOME form of fasting is not primal anymore. (In other words, there is nothing primal about eating every 3 hours while awake. No primal man or woman could EVER manage that)
                - Espresso. The ultimate appetite suppressant.
                - Grass fed milk, whole.
                - Fish. All day. Nothing stays with me more than a 1lb fillet of salmon.

                - Hiking, esp steep stuff.
                - Skull rowing. I have yet to find a more enjoyable form of LISS than a 4 hour row down the Connecticut River.
                - Heavy compound lifts, reverse pyramid
                - Sprints, esp sports motivated.
                "The soul that does not attempt flight; does not notice its chains."


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                  4 s's
                  & sugar FREE.

                  But seriously diet wise, gluten , sugar, dairy which I have stopped 3months ago.
                  Adding offal , healthy fats.

                  Lifting very heavy & walking and the right balance of supplements .

                  But still have improvements:
                  More sleep, more meditation / relaxing (walking & playing with my dog) & enjoying life a little more

                  London UK
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                    Diet. Or more like paying attention to what I eat and how it effects my body.

                    * Leafy greens and crucifers bloat me like no one's buisness. The bloating can last for days. It took me years to finally make the connection between my big ass spinach salads and my distended belly.

                    *Wheat bloats me as well but I've found I can sneak a small bit in once a week or so with no obvious effects. I still try to avoid it as much as possible though.

                    *Legumes are right out. Unless I'm craving hummus and indulge. But I usually regret it.

                    *Eating more sat fat for satiety. Works and I'm not gaining weight. So yay. My skin tone has also improved. I don't know if this because of the increased fat or the decreased gluten or both. But my skin is smoother.

                    *Supplements - Vit. D3 has greatly improved my moods. Magnesium helps me poop which has always been an issue. If I can go poo three days in a row, I call that a great three days.

                    Exercise - Hiking/walking in the woods or along the river or the paved rail-to-trail through the farm fields is VASTLY better than zombie-walking on the treadmill. Sometimes I get so happy in the woods, I'm grinning like a fool without realizing it. I've gotten some funny looks from other hikers, but it's okay. My plan for next spring is to buy a kayak and do some serious 'yaking on area lakes and rivers. I am STOKED at the thought.

                    There are other things I want to try such as heavy lifting and eating offal. I can eat a liver pate but the thought of eating other organs still intimidates me. I'll get there. I still get some serious late-afternoon lethargy that I'm trying to alleviate. That is my last major hurdle. If anyone has any suggestions for preventing the 4:00 pm energy crash, please give them.


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                      -Finally biting the bullet and breaking my addiction to yoghurt. I'm probably lactose-intolerant. It was time to accept that.
                      -Reintroducing rice for resistant starch. Feels better, anyhow.
                      -Letting myself have a "carb-binge". It showed me that my anorexic mind is almost always wrong, that nothing deserves to be demonized and blamed for all my ills and that no one factor will make me "huge".
                      -Learning about my heritage and their lifestyles. Now I know I come from meat-and-tuber-eating, angry, war mongering travelers all round, it makes sense that I'd eat and move like them.
                      -Thanks to the two above: living like the lazy carnivore I am and not feeling concerned about it.
                      -Getting more sun. Then again, this was facilitated by the fact that, due to increased hormonal stability, I now tan instead of just frying.
                      Perfection is entirely individual. Any philosophy or pursuit that encourages individuality has merit in that it frees people. Any that encourages shackles only has merit in that it shows you how wrong and desperate the human mind can get in its pursuit of truth.

                      I get blunter and more narcissistic by the day.
                      I'd apologize, but...


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                        Cutting out gluten has really shown a marked improvement in my digestive health
                        Supplementing vitamin D in the winter really helped with my SAD (seasonal affective disorder) symptoms
                        Working out, even if it's just going for a long walk, helps me sleep better at night - so does having a cool bedroom (cool temp wise)
                        Raw local honey added to a low-inflammation diet helps with my seasonal allergies (doesn't eliminate symptoms entirely but makes them tolerable enough that I don't take an allergy pill every day, sometimes twice per day)
                        More water and no sodas cleared my skin right up
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                        • Summit all of Colorado's 14-ers
                        • Hike the Appalachian Trail
                        • Do a real pull-up
                        • Run a 5k
                        • Be "Hot For Training Camp"

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                          - Started sprinting occasionally instead of jogging all the time.
                          - Started doing pullups.
                          - Stopped watching TV.
                          - Threw out/gave away about 80% of my material possessions.
                          - Started dating older women.
                          - Started eating lots of eggs.
                          - Cut out sugar and caffeine.
                          - Stopped caring what other people thought.
                          - Stopped judging other people.
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                            Increasing protein.
                            Crohn's, doing SCD


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                              One meal a day

                              Originally posted by dkJames View Post
                              - grain and legume free
                              - one meal a day most of the time
                              - sprints and body weight exercise
                              - lots of walking and biking in between
                              - lots of sleep time
                              - make my own food
                              - no stress
                              Would you mind posting what you eat for your one meal/day and if you have any snacks? I am doing IF also and its just really helpful for me to see what other people eat. Thanks.


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                                Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
                                I'd say that giving up gluten and breakfast were the biggest changes, but those happened long before I found this WOE. Another big one was eating more meat so I craved less cheese. Funny how I missed that connection previously.
                                When you say that eating meat got rid of your cheese cravings, was it red meat or just more of any kind of protein like chicken or fish? I probably could eat a little less cheese also. Thanks.