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Carbs and irritation

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  • Carbs and irritation

    So basically I have eaten really low carb for a couple of weeks and yesterday night I binge ate a LOTS of berries, today for the first time in a long time im super irritated, cant concentrate and almost feeling depressed.

    Just something random or does it have any explanation in regards to the increased carb intake night before?

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    Yea, sounds about right! I know if you look on the boards, there is a more "science" based explanation. Anyways, many people experience ill-feelings after consuming carbs/sugar in excess to what they've previously reduced them to .. stomach pain, bloating, headaches, bathroom issues, sluggishness, etc etc. Drink some water, get a good nights sleep and start the day new


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      I eat VLC 4-5 days a week and higher carb(100-200g) 2-3 days a week. I don't really notice any difference, except maybe a little more thirsty on HC days. I eat higher carb on exercise days, so maybe they are better utilized.


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        It could be from the carbs.. but could also be a placebo effect, stress (from binging), or could have effected your sleep (since you binged at night).


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          Hi Jimpag,

          Your body produces enzymes to digest your food and different enzymes are required for different macronutrients. When you eliminate or reduce a particular macronutrient such as carbs for an extended period (in my experience this is about 10-14 days), your body downgrades the production of those enzymes required for that macronutrient. If you binge on that macronutrient, your body doesn't have the capability to digest it without sufficient enzymes, hence the bloating and sluggish, crappy feeling. If you ramp up consuming that food over a period of time your body will upgrade production of those enzymes and you won't have any problems, but bingeing is a no-no even with healthy carbs. This is one of the reasons that people who come off a low carb diet and return to their old diet immediately put on weight very quickly, their bodies cannot deal with breaking down the food as the production of these enzymes will only take place on an 'as needed' basis but takes time to ramp up again.

          Many people will say that carbs are bad and they are becoming more sensitive to them the longer they are on a low carb diet. This is true but not necessarily because carbs are bad (at least not in this context) but because the diet has created a circumstance where it is not 'trained' to deal with carbs. In this instance the body does not differentiate between bad or good carbs as the same enzymes are needed for both although quantity is important as the more you consume, the more enzymes you need for digestion. Veges require less digestive power/enzymes than say oats does but still requires some.

          I used to do the Mastercleanse (cleansing diet consuming only lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper i.e. LOTS of carbs but no protein) regularly for periods of 10 - 21 days at a time. It would take me at least 2 weeks before I could digest protein again although carbs would be fine after all the maple syrup that I would drink.

          Taking digestive enzymes helps the bloat go away and also avoiding starchy/carby food until you are back to normal helps. No sense in adding to the already stressed carb digestion process.

          I hope you feel better soon!


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            Another point I forgot to make, Carb cycling won't have the same digestive issues as the carb cycles are not long enough for the enzymes to downgrade. Carb-ups on weekends should be fine for most people especially if it is done regularly and the body adapts to those cycles.