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Why are parsnips better than potatoes--help!

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  • Why are parsnips better than potatoes--help!

    So, I've just discovered parsnips, and I love them! I went to to check on the numbers, and was disappointed with the carbs, but then checked them with potatoes, and it doesn't look that different (in fact, the Omega 3:6 ratio looks better in potatoes):

    cup Parsnips:

    Calories: 55

    Carbs: 13g

    Sugars: 4g

    Omega 3: 2.3 mg

    Omega 6: 32.0 mg

    cup Potatoes:

    Calories: 68

    Carbs: 16g

    Sugars: 1g

    Omega 3: 7.8 mg

    Omega 6: 25.0 mg

    I know potatoes are nightshades, but are there other reasons why they would be so much to be avoided, but parsnips are recommended? I just know the scientists/food researchers out there will have the answer!

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    Parsnips are supposed to have a load more nutrients, potassium is one I remember, pehaps you could try to find a vitamin / mineral comparison?


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      THE site for complete nutrition data is, well, . Under each category of nutrients is a tab For More Complete information.

      Frankly, I just can't get all worked up about Food A having more or less nutrients that Food B. I don't mean twinkies vs. steak, but similar veggies. Unless you are on a starvation diet, you get all the vitamins you need, other than D. Especially if taking supplements.