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Whiter teeth?

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  • Whiter teeth?

    Any body notice whiter teeth since going primal? Along with nicer hair, faster growing/stronger fingernails, and less BO?

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    Stronger nails and less BO, for sure.
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      Stronger nails, more BO. I had hair past my shoulders when I started this whole deal and I've since cut it very short, so it is tough to judge.
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        Don't know about my teeth being whiter, but I recently got a glowing report from my dentist for the first time since ... ever!
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          Despite my enamel having worn away by my overbite, my teeth never hurt. My dentist was surprised to hear this. I think Primal has helped.

          My teeth are really white for a black coffee drinker, I think. Don't see stronger nails or change in BO here.
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            Definitely less BO. My hair has always been annoyingly thick and fast-growing, so haven't noticed anything there. And my teeth, well. I'm the only person in my family-of-8 who doesn't have fillings.