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Risk of raw eggs

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    I had a food poisoning a few times trying raw eggs, and raw other foods - I think some people don't have enough acid in their stomach to cope with raw food bacteria - apart from eggs I had it from oysters and liver, even if others with me try the same dish of raw oysters (and I know the difference between a bad and good oyster btw) I end up with an upset stomach and D etc while the others are fine.


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      The majority of contaminants are outside of the egg. Fecal matters and whatnot. Wash the egg thoroughly before cracking it and you will most likely be fine.
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        I was at university back when the whole "salmonella in eggs" thing blew up and everyone said "don't eat raw eggs"...

        My microbiology professor calculated that you could eat a raw egg every day of your life and STILL not get sick from it.

        Seriously, if you are using eggs from healthy hens, from a supplier you trust you should be fine. The only people who really need to worry are the immunocompromised, the very old, the very young, pregnant women and anyone who is already sick. If you don't fall into those groups you should be fine.
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