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Primal Moms- supplements during pregnancy.

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  • Primal Moms- supplements during pregnancy.

    hey ladies,

    What did you take?. I've been reading some books and it's all confusing. What are the must supplements when one is pregnant?

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    Here's a blog post that may be helpful:
    Optimal Pregnancy Nutrition - Sondra Rose: Happy Mind
    Ancestral Nutrition Coaching
    Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
    Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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      I'm a Registered Midwife and I always encourage my clients to place their primary focus on good nutrition! Ensure your getting lots of healthy fats to help you absorb essential fat soluble vitamins, eat 2 egg yolks per day (high in choline) and drink lots of alkaline filtered water

      Supplements to consider:
      - fermented cod liver oil/ dha from krill oil
      - vit k2 ( or eat lots of grassfed butter)
      - vit b6 if you have nausea
      - probiotic
      - evening primrose oil in 3rd trimester

      Individuals all need different things and this is a pretty general list. You can also check out for primal pregnancy info. There is also a place to have your questions answered.

      Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy !


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        thanks Meg


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          Supplementing your Paleo Pregnancy — CaveGirl Plus One


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            I know next to nothing about pregnancy, but just wanted to say be careful with the vitamin B supplements. My mother took too many while pregnant, and my sister was born with deformed kidneys. You most likely already know this, but just in case...


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              B-vitamins are water soluble and excess amounts will likely be peed out. Most prenatals from whole food sources shouldn't set you up for toxicity, but great point overall. More is not necessarily better! I think there is a tendency to "over supplement" in general and we often forget that these substances can have powerful effects.