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    First post but been Primal since September 2012. I didn't do it to lose weight or counter any particular health issue - I just wanted to stop feeling bloated, uncomfortable and tired after eating and to try and stop the awful feeling that I had to eat all the time. Feeling hungry as soon as you've had a big meal isn't fun - especially when you already feel bloated!

    Anyway, the cravings are under control - I still tend to snack a bit but I've lost 10% of my body weight which is ideal as I do a lot of hilly cycling.

    Anyway, the reason for the post is that I have just had a (UK) blood test done. I also had one done last year prior to being Primal so I have a direct comparison. Sorry the numbers are UK but hopefully the message will not be lost.


    Total cholesterol = 4.4 mmol/l
    LDL cholesterol = 2.6 mmol/l
    HDL cholesterol = 1.5 mmol/l
    Triglycerides = 0.6 mmol/l


    Total cholesterol = 6.7 mmol/l
    LDL cholesterol = 3.6 mmol/l
    HDL cholesterol = 2.8 mmol/l
    Triglycerides = 0.6 mmol/l

    So, my triglycerides haven't changed but everything else has gone up.

    I guess my HDL/triglycerides ratio is better but is there anything I need to worry about? From what I've read on this site (I've been reading it for a while!) this appears to be reasonably normal but as it's the first time I've ever been advised that my cholesterol levels are a little high!

    Everything else is normal and relatively unchanged although my urea levels were slightly higher (albeit still within normal levels).

    Cheers for any feedback/advice.