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Will going primal help me feel better? (Switching from vegan)

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  • Will going primal help me feel better? (Switching from vegan)

    I'd like some opinions on this. I'm sixteen, 5'3, female, 115 pounds, and around 22% body fat. For pretty much my entire life I have felt like crap. I feel sluggish, tired, weak, and lethargic. Often, I also feel disoriented and unable to concentrate because of this. Headaches are common, especially in bright areas. The best I can describe it is perpetually feeling like I haven't slept for a day and just spent a week in the hospital. The only times I don't feel like this are in the morning and during workouts that give me adrenaline rushes. I also can't eat large meals without getting stomachaches, and I'm bloated a lot. I'm currently vegan, and I have been for two years. Before that, I was an omnivore for two years, but I was also anorexic at this time, so I also felt wretched then. (Switching to being vegan somehow helped me work my way out of that.) I was vegetarian for six years before that as well, but I don't remember that time well. (None of this for moral reasons--I just thought it was healthier.)

    I get eight to nine hours of sleep every day, take three multivitamins a day with pretty much everything, and eat somewhere around 70 grams of protein per day. I also drink plenty of water. I hardly eat any grains or sugar, and I haven't touched artificial sweeteners for at least a year. Right now, my diet is pretty much vegetables, fruit, seeds, tempeh, olive oil, soy milk, and protein powder. I do yoga every other day (used to do more), about 20 push-ups every few days, and I've recently started sprint training outside in my new vibrams. I have no physical health conditions, and no mental besides mild panic disorder and some social anxiety, both of which get worse when I feel worse. According to many people, I should feel absolutely fantastic on most days.

    But I don't, I feel horrible. My father says I'm overreacting, that everyone feels this tired, but I really doubt that. If humans feel like how I do, how the heck did we survive this long? I don't want to be in college working toward a phD and have to re-read the same page over and over again because I can't concentrate on the information. I don't want to feel like falling over and not getting up. Granted, I'd also like to look better, but I really wouldn't care if I looked the same or even worse if I just felt healthy.

    A few days ago, I was pretty sold on going Primal, but after I told my father, he started to make me doubt this (kind of weird, since he had great results on a diet similar to this when he was in his thirties). He thinks I'm rushing into it and that nothing's wrong with me, and being vegan is the healthiest I can be. Will going Primal really help me feel healthy? I really want something to work. I don't remember the last time I felt at my 100% for more than an hour. Some days I can honestly say I don't even feel human.

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    Yes! I don't know about all the issues but the 'brain fog' has gone for me. I've also suffered from panic attacks for years and have only had one in 6 months of paleo, which is amazing for me. I wish I knew about this when I was 16. All the best.


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      Yup. It will.


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        I would say that it wouldn't hurt to try it out.

        I was vegan for several years, and ended up with my cholesterol too low -- one of the symptoms was extreme brain fog (or really, not being able to remember things, and nto being able to process things like reading a clock).

        went back to eggs and meat, and everything cleared up.


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          Originally posted by Alexis47 View Post
          I also drink plenty of water. I hardly eat any grains or sugar, and I haven't touched artificial sweeteners for at least a year. Right now, my diet is pretty much vegetables, fruit, seeds, tempeh, olive oil, soy milk, and protein powder.
          1) Yes it will. That 'diet' is terrible.
          2) Tell your Dad what's going to happen and do it. He is not allowed to run your life and ruin your health. I strongly suggest doing your own research and not adhering to anything you feel is dogmatic. Also, Don't let anyone tell you that low carb is the best thing for you, it 'can be' as culty as veganism. Make your own decision, experiment on yourself to see how you feel. That may be LC, may not be.


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            Originally posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
            Yup. It will.

            Just do it.


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              I think it's very common to lack nutrients from a vegan diet. Therefore, it is likely that you'll feel a lot better eating whole, natural, unprocessed foods---and more importantly, rich sources of protein and fat. I was a vegetarian who was even smaller than you, eating crappy food when I was younger. I feel much better now than I did then.
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                COME BACK TO THE MEAT SIDE!! You will feel WORLDS WORLDS better! I cannot wait until you feel better


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                  Try it for a week and tell us how you go. I will bet my favourite dog on you feeling better
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                    I have to say that while I totally disagree that veganism is healthy, I have to commend anyone who can stick to it for any length of time. When I first found out about pink slime, I went out and bought tofu, dried beans (still have those for the zombie apocalypse), and brown rice. I've never had a dietary change affect me so dramatically. Within four days, I was a sleepy, farty, lethargic drag.

                    As a note, I've done both calorie restriction and VLC before primal and neither of those ever made me feel as bad as a few days of vegan eating.

                    So from my limited experience, yep, take two steaks and call us in the morning!
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                      You need healthy fat and quality protein. Your life will turn around. I used to describe being a woman as living your life swimming through molasses. I thought that was how every woman felt like because hat's what it felt like to me at your age and through my 20s and 30s. I'm in my 40s now and this primal thing has completely turned all that around for me.
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                        I showed my father this site and he started reading it. I wasn't sure what he would think but suddenly he's bought three of the books and intends to try this himself, so we got some good organic milk, butter, and eggs. We won't be going to a grocery store that's worth anything until Friday, though. (Funny how Kroger was my go-to place for fancy vegan foods, and it's now my best regular option for Primal foods.) I cooked some stuff in butter and I haven't had ill effects, so it looks like this transition will be fairly smooth. Can't eat meats yet, though, since what we have is crappy processed stuff with sugar in it.


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                          Originally posted by Alexis47 View Post
                          Right now, my diet is pretty much vegetables, fruit, seeds, tempeh, olive oil, soy milk, and protein powder.

                          Lots of ex vegans here. Good luck.


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                            Absolutely, yes. We were made to eat meat. I won't go so far as to say only meat... it can get carried too far, like anything. But you're still growing. You need meat protein. Even adults still need meat protein. You simply don't get the proper mix when you cut out a whole group like that. But I'm preaching to the choir: you already know that by how you're feeling!

                            I will put in my 2¢ on cutting out "groups," though. I follow a Primal and restricted-carb dietary plan (on the prescription of our endocrinologist)... and that has been the best thing I've ever done. Since you're presumably (?) already fairly low-carb, I would stick with that, and just add in the healthy meats and fats your body seems to be craving.

                            Your dad is concerned in a healthy way. The best thing you could do for him and for yourself is to do some research (can't hurt to get in that habit, considering your educational aspirations!) and present some credible information to him. Who knows... he might not only modify his advice to you, but may also choose to go along with you to a healthier lifestyle. If nothing else, it will show him that you're not just jumping on a bandwagon, you're weighing the honest benefits before you adopt a new diet.

                            I hope you feel better soon! And I'm confident you will.
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                              I think you are saying you still have the brain fog after cutting wheat? If this is true, I would suggest more exercise. It really evens out your blood sugar, which may not be bouncing around enough to affect your overall health but certainly can bounce enough to affect your brain function.
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