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  • A Warm, Flakey, Buttery Dream

    I have been in this hypnotic trance of deliciousness ever since dinner a couple of hours ago. I just got the book Primal Cravings and made the biscuts on page 56. I am shocked and stunned at how good they were. They seem too good to be true. The recipe and most of the other recipes call for a lot of tapioca starch and this does have a good amount of carbs. Can this really be okay? I thought this whole thing was supposed to be pretty low carb. I am used to using almond flour and stevia to make these sorts of things. Is tapioca starch really better? It definitely tastes way better. I just thought I better check in before I make the chocolate chip cookies and the Girl Scout samosa cookies and slip further and further into this dream and can't return :-).

    So the PC biscut recipe calls for tapioca starch, coconut flour, eggs and a lot of butter.

    The almond flour biscut recipe I have been making calls for almond flour, yogurt, onions, parmesan cheese and eggs.

    Do you think the PC recipe is healthier?

    Is it okay to eat these sorts of treats everyday or are they something you should just do once in a while?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Tapioca starch is empty calories, but if you've got the calories to spare, enjoy.


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      It depends on where you are and where you want to be. If you are overweight and trying to lose that, treats like those are probably not a good idea on a regular basis.



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        Primal does not equal low carb. It's all up to you and your personal goals and needs. If you're already in shape and you feel and look good, then have a treat every day. If not, it's up to you and how quickly and effectively you want to meet your goal.

        In my culture, we use a lot of tapioca flour and rice flour...never for baking though, lol. They're usually used for steamed savory cakes or used as a steamed shell for a sweet filling. I would imagine the baked goods are fairly benign as far as empty calories go. Don't trick yourself into thinking it's better for you, it's not. It's just more tolerable if you are sensitive to or intolerant to gluten.
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          Without regard to carbs, I think the tapioca flour is a much healthier choice. It's lighter in calories and isn't prone to oxidation like almond flour baked at high temps. I would enjoy this starch as much as you like within reason, of course. Cover your needs, then fill in the discretionary calories however you like.
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            I view paleo treats as extra calories- as long as you can afford them (calorie wise) and don't start eating less of the fruits, veggies and meats to make room for them they are fine. I think the problem is when you are trying to lose weight and all the sudden you have 500 extra calories from biscuits and cookies and don't cut calories elsewhere or if you are aware of the calories and start eating smaller portions of meat etc.

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              It almost sounds like you're lacking carbs or some nutrient/s.

              Eating these 'sanitised' cakes and biscuits maybe OK for special gatherings/occasions but it's not food IMO.

              If you can make it fit into an appropriate diet for yourself and you can stop at the appropriate amount, then great.

              For me nutrition is priority, so I won't eat less food to make room for 'safe sweets', that and sweets just complicates the diet for me.

              Though admittedly sweets were never really part of my diet so perhaps I don't know how to eat them appropriately :-)


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                I would put a bit of breaks on anything that resembles bread, cookies, pastries etc until you stop wanting bread-like stuff. It is far easier to walk the road if you look ahead, not behind.

                For special occasions baking, mixes of rice flour or mushed tubers with starches (tapioca and/or potato) are better than nut flours. The regular 'cake flour' uses starches to make the resulting sponge lighter, so in any baking where you do not need yeast and the goodies do not need to stick together (like cookies), using starches with make the goodies softer and fluffier. An angel food with rice flour and starch is very nice and light.
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                  IMO all dry foods like flour are defective as staples. Trying to fill your stomach with them will be more calories and less nutrition than whole foods. As social/celebratory food, use your judgment and enjoy.

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                    Originally posted by CaliforniaGirl View Post

                    Do you think the PC recipe is healthier?

                    Is it okay to eat these sorts of treats everyday or are they something you should just do once in a while?

                    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
                    as others have said, it depends on your status and goals. there is nothing nutritious about those biscuits, other than as a fat source. you can get that with an avocado or salmon and be much more well-rounded in both a macro- and micro-nutrient way.

                    you posted a partial menu the other day that was a very skimpy breakfast of some cheese and berries and then a paleo brownie as "lunch". this is not a whole foods day by any stretch.

                    what is the preoccupation with brownies, biscuits and cookies? where are the meat, fish and eggs? veggies? if you want to have a small biscuit like this alongside your steak, that's one thing, but if you're scarfing down a batch instead of having meals that's not a good path.
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                      Tapioca starch and coconut flour are definitely superior to almond flour (and other nut flours) for baking because the nut flours contain a lot of omega-6 fatty acids that oxidize at high temperatures.

                      Oh, and you just convinced me to buy that book! Really, there's a recipe for samoas? Those are my favorite, and I'm so sad that I can't eat them anymore. (And, to my credit, a couple months ago, my bf came home with five or six boxes of Girl Scout cookies that he bought from a colleague whose kid was selling them. I did not have a single one.) I'm not necessarily against sweets and would happily make my own gluten-free versions. I just don't eat wheat.

                      Edited to add: Just bought the Kindle version. Squee!!! (P.S. I know I'm very disappointing to all of you who are against making paleo versions of "bad" foods. But cooking and baking is a passion of mine, and my goal is to get as good at gluten-free baking as I am at baking with gluten. Again, squeee!!!!)
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