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  • Breakfast ideas

    What do you typically eat for breakfast?

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    Failing that, try some eggs!



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      Two or three scrambled eggs with cheese. Three strips of bacon. 85g of broccoli with cheese and salt to taste. One half of an avocado, sliced. Coffee with heavy whipping cream. Sometimes a banana.
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          Coffee, eggs, bacon.
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            Depending on weight goals. If I'm gaining weight: 4 eggs, can of sardines, banana, berries, some leafy greens, plus butter and/or coconut oil. If maintaining or losing, 2-3 eggs plus egg white protein powder, and fewer berries/banana, the rest about the same.

            On weekends I usually do 5-6 eggs plus 3 thick strips of bacon. Add potatoes fried in coconut oil if I'm gaining weight.


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              Nothing, just coffee.

              When I need to eat real food before lunch, I eat the same thing I'd eat at lunch or dinner. Leftovers make an awesome breakfast.
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                Boiled eggs mashed with tuna in oil and avocado
                scrambled eggs with spinach, mushroom, chorizo, cream
                scrambled eggs with leek, cheese and bacon
                small steak with grilled mushrooms
                smoothie with coconut milk, berries, vanilla extract
                big brekkie with fried eggs, bacon, mushroom, spinach, sausages
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                  It's a rare day when I eat breakfast. But when I do, I usually have breakfast foods, like sausage, bacon, eggs, and/or home fries.


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                    On a Sunday night I cook up kale and bacon (from NomNom Paleo) and Mon-Thu I have 1/4 of the kale & bacon with 2 eggs, scrambled.

                    Other brekkies:
                    - 2 rashers of bacon and 2 eggs
                    - 2 pork and fennel sausages with 1 egg
                    - smoothie with banana, coconut milk, protein powder
                    - leftovers!
                    - very rarely those egg & banana pancake thingys from the thread.


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                      Coffee and a bit of cream.
                      Sometimes Tablespoon of MCT if a feel like it.

                      If I were to eat ( rarely do ) - it might be some yogurt ( maybe with berries).
                      Or maybe eggs ( maybe bacon too).


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                        Most days: 125g of pork&beef mince made into two patties with herbs, with a couple of eggs scrambled in coconut oil.
                        Spinach, tomato, mushrooms with my protein when I have extra time.

                        Can't beat a solid cooked breakfast.


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                          Usually eggs, but I think I can see myself changing to a glass of fresh raw milk. That's what I had today and it was fantastic.
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