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Any ideas on how to incorporate more fat?

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  • Any ideas on how to incorporate more fat?

    Seems ridiculous that I'm asking this, it should be easy... altho not so much when you eliminate the normal sources of fat in American diets (processed-type things)

    By my way-too-specific-for-a-natural-way-of-eating calculations, I should be taking in about 2400 calories a day (175 cm/62 kg/moderately active/25 y.o/lactating/slight cal deficit of 300 cal daily)... With the moderately active and having a body fet percentage of smwhere b.w 20-25 (I used 25 for my calculating), my daily protein intake should be about 80g... I picked a number b.w 50 and 100 and decided that my daily carbs should be about 80g also (altho this is pretty arbitrary)... So that's 800 cals there, the rest should be from fat... that's a helluva lot of fat calories, where do I get em all from?! 1600! So about 180g, if I haven't messed up something along the way...

    I normally get my fat daily from eggs, oil in salads, butter on vegetables, fat in cheese (an ounce or two on my salads and in my omelettes)... Sometimes a little will come from a couple of pieces of dark chocolate or a bowl of yogurt, but I don't have those with any measurable regularity...

    Can anyone suggest any other ways to incorporate it? I don't really relish the idea of a salad DRIPPING with oil, so I dunno how I'd add any more there... I don't currently fry my eggs (omelettes) in any fat, that's the only modification I've been able to come up with... I'd say more cheese, but the cheese I prefer's extra sharp cheddar, not sure the nutritional value of that... any advice?

    If I wasn't nursing, I'd skip the extra uneaten calories and just let it go, eating only when hungry, but due to the fact that I'm responsible not only for my nourishment but a 6-month-old's, I figure that might not be the best approach.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas/comments/etc!

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    I'll suggest getting yourself some coconut oil. My brother came up with a coconut "tea" consisting of the hot water, coconut oil, and coconut milk. Sounds strange but I love it. I get about 600 calories a day out of that drink. I got a couple people at work adding coconut oil to their tea. Perhaps you could do something similar?

    Also, apparently coconut oil is super good for nursing mothers...


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      Sweet, thanks! I bought some coconut oil (by the way, in the event that you're spending mad money on it at a normal grocery store, I discovered it's not too badly priced on amazon... For example I bought 12 oz of ((Nutiva?)) organic-type coconut oil at a local grocery store (Nugget ftw!) but it was $16 (?!) dollars... whereas Amazon's got 54 oz of the same brand/type for $21. Anyways. Tangent done It's not bad, I was surprised, I could even just straight up eat a tablespoon... but I dunno about this mixing it into hot water thing... I tried stirring some into my coffee, but it seperated to the top... is that what happens when you make your tea?


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        I think some people will just drink a can of coconut milk as a quick way to incorporate more fat into their diet.


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          The "eating for two" idea seems to always be a reason for people to overeat (although I guess that's more when you're pregnant than nursing). If you're eating until you're satiated and not walking around hungry all the time, why worry about adding the extra calories? I'm rather suspicious of attempts to calculate how many calories you should eat based on formulas that are generalizations and thus very likely inaccurate. I would trust your hunger.

          If you're still looking for an idea, though, and are sure you don't have any problems with dairy, I would try drinking grass-fed cream straight. If you have ever liked drinking milk, it's a similar experience, it just has a more appetizing texture and much more flavor. It's not quite as odd, to me anyway, as eating butter straight. Mushrooms can also be a pretty nice vehicle for large amounts of butter, if you like them.
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              If you do allow dairy and don't like drinking cream straight try it over semi-frozen berries. This has replaced Ice cream for me and my kids. and is an easy way to add fat calories. Also since you have coconut oil try making some coconut ghee. use a tablespoon or so to make you omelet and you'll add about 115 calories of pure fat with a bonus of it taste fantastic. I didn't like eggs cooked in pure coconut oil but the coconut ghee is wonderful, whatever is left in the pan I pour on top of the eggs.
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                I like eating spoonfuls of unsalted butter
                You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                  umm wheres the faty meat?? boston but, bacon, chuck steak...
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                    Originally posted by etomaria View Post
                    Sweet, thanks! It's not bad, I was surprised, I could even just straight up eat a tablespoon... but I dunno about this mixing it into hot water thing... I tried stirring some into my coffee, but it seperated to the top... is that what happens when you make your tea?
                    You're welcome. Yeah the separation is annoying. Remember that what I drink also contains the coconut milk which, unlike the oil, actually mixes with water. There is a simple fix for the separation issue though. You just need to make sure to stir up your tea/coffee/whatever right before you take a sip if you don't like the oil sitting right on the top. That's what I do and it works well. I dunno, I'm half Filipino so maybe I'm just meant to get along with coconuts. But if you can just eat a tablespoon straight, you shouldn't have any problems. In fact, I think (hope?) you'll find it quite enjoyable.