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So I'm going to Kenya...

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  • So I'm going to Kenya...

    This summer with a study abroad group from my school. We're traveling around, staying in both villages and cities, hiking, etc. I'm wondering what you guys think I should do about food. The diet is pretty healthy; lots of fruit and vegetables and meat stews, but they serve a huge pile of rice or cornmeal at EVERY meal. If I'm in a situation where it's rude to not eat it, how much is this going to affect me? I'm not trying to lose weight while I'm there or anything, I just don't want it to be a major shock to my body or make me tired.

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    What an opportunity and an adventure! I've never been to Kenya but I would presume that hospitality is a cornerstone of the cultures there; soooo, I'd try to at least try everything they offer. But if you truly cannot, tell them it is for a health concern- and then never ever let them see you try the dish later. If you're especially picky when they offer food, it may come across at first-world snootiness. At least this has been my experience in other countries, long before I ever went PB.

    Bottom line: limit unhealthy foods as you can, keep good snacks on you, but enjoy the trip and accept the locals' hospitality. =)
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      1. You must take pics and share with us!

      2. I would honetlsy just avoid it when you can, and when you cant... HEY youre in KENYA!!! Just get right back on track when you return! I went to Ecuador right before I started PB. I ate LOTS of rice and tropical fruit and yucca... It was okay b/c I didnt have time to get tired! Maybe you could pack pemmican for a boost if you need it?
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