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Diarhoria & how soon?

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  • Diarhoria & how soon?

    Kept this short:

    How soon can diarhoria take effect from something you ate?

    I literally had my usual lunch which I prepped myself , workout, had usual post shake, had massage for hour , then picked up some dinner on way home from a local reliable hygienic Lebanese restaurant , and after eating meal , I have it. Watery , just looks like veg fibre.

    I didn't have any stomach pains, cramps , a little wind after post shake probably drinking too fast , all food looked safe 2 eat? Could it be massage , toxins?
    Any ideas?

    London UK

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    It depends on the person, really. I know those who can and have gotten intestinal upsets as soon as 5 minutes afterwards while I myself don't feel the effects of a bad dish for hours afterwards.
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      Second the "depends on who you are." I usually know within 5 minutes if it's an intolerance, and 30 if I got poisoned. And maybe a bit TMI, but I once had to RUN to the bathroom less than a minute after taking a big swig of kombucha with chia seeds in it.
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        Well I feel pretty fine this morning,

        Just had very bad wind during sleep.
        Already passed stool which was still a little soft but that's expected ?

        Doubt it's food poisoning so more likely intolerance

        London UK


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          For me, it depends on what I've eaten and how much of it. Sometimes it'll hit me within minutes, sometimes not til the next day. I know that when I eat crap it's definitely coming, its just a matter of when.