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Gluten Free AND Diabetic Eating...Need Help & Suggestions!

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  • Gluten Free AND Diabetic Eating...Need Help & Suggestions!


    I'm a newbie and I don't eat primal. But I've been a silent reader of the forum for a long time and this forum has some of the most informed and intelligent people I have come across. I could have registered and made a thread on another forum but I don't think that I will get as much help as I can get here.

    I hope you will share your valuable opinions with me despite the fact that I'm not a primal eater!

    First of all, I'm a type two diabetic and take anti-diabetic medication (metformin). I follow my diabetic diet fairly well except for potatoes, a piece of chocolate and diet soda here and there. I walk everyday.

    Four days ago, I stopped eating gluten because after several weeks of testing with gluten (eliminating it and adding it back in to my diet), I know that it is the cause of severe bloating, stomach cramps, irritability and fatigue for me. I definitely have a gluten sensitivity. I've been feeling great these past several days, the bloating is gone and I'm yelling less But I'm having difficulty figuring out what to eat.

    I'm Turkish and all we eat in this country is bread. Bread in the morning, lunch and afternoon. If you find nothing to eat, it's bread and cheese. So quitting bread has been a huge step for me. I'm eating more vegetables and nuts but unfortunately, I have eaten too many potatoes these past several days because I don't feel full. I've also noticed that I'm eating more fruit, which is also not good.

    I can't keep eating potatoes because it's not allowed for diabetics. Rice is also out of the question. As for things like chickpeas and lentil flour, I haven't found any at stores here yet. Gluten-free products are very limited and expensive.

    What am I going to eat? Veggies, dairy, nuts, sometimes tuna and some meat (meat is also ridiculously expensive) is fine.

    I think I would have managed if I was just eating gluten free but in combination with a diabetic diet, it's more difficult. And of course, being on a budget.

    Any ideas?

    Does anyone else here have diabetes and avoid gluten?
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    I would go with what you said, mostly meats, fish (I'm sure living in Turkey you have access to an amazing variety of fresh fish), and vegetables. If you can't tolerate potatoes, why not try other starchy vegetables like winter squashes if you have them there?
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