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Dried veggies?

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  • Dried veggies?

    So, read online for some recipes for dried cucumbers, was thinking of making some tomorrow. Was wondering though, what about sugars. I know you shouldn't make dried fruit a staple because of the concentrated sugar, is the same true for veggies? Anyone know what drying veggies do to them as far as their nutrient makeup?
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    the sugars already in the fruit whereas veggies makeup is generally much lower and drying wont add whats not there.
    feed back on what they taste like please -I'd be interested to know
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      Veggies generally contain so little sugar in comparison. We're told to avoid dried fruit because in a dried form, the sugar is very concentrated and they can pretty much taste like candy and can be eaten mindlessly before you realize it. Try doing the same with dried cucumbers...
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        I make dried vegetables for backpacking trips. I eat them for lunch and dinner. The only effect of them is they come out pretty much the same as they go in. You basically end up with a whole lot of indigestible cellulose and a little bit of digestible starch.
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