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Anyone want to comment on my lab results?

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  • Anyone want to comment on my lab results?

    I have to wait until Aug 26 to have them interpreted because my 'care team' is on holiday. I got copies of my lab results and the notable results are found below. I don't normally share such private info but think that these are pretty interesting and would love some feedback!
    Basic deets:
    Female 106lbs 5' 4.5" ~50%fat/ ~25% split carbs/protein. Most carbs are non starchy veggies. Self confessed recovering (slowly) chronic cardio addict. No period since 2007. My story can be found in the Primal Journal's section under "One Gals primal journey to happiness and hormone balance"

    Hormone Salivary Pannel:
    Estrone/Estridiol 0.1 Low (RR 0.2-5.2)
    Progesterone <1 Low (RR 80-270)
    DHEA 0.09 (RR 0.1-2.7)
    Testosterone 9 (RR 4-33)
    Progestrone 17-OH Low 4.8 (RR 15-60)
    PG/E2 Ratio <10 Low (RR 45-50)

    Cortisol Salivary Pannel:
    DHT <10 (RR <10-60)
    AM 1.34 Low (RR 1.8-3.8)
    noon 0.74 normal (0.3-1.4)
    pm 0.69 (0.1-1.1)
    eve 0.19 (0.1-0.8)

    Blood: HB 121
    Ferritin 37 Low normal
    Cholesterol 6.63 High (RR <5.2)
    Triglycerides 0.6 normal (RR <1.7)
    HDL 2.12 normal (RR>1.29)
    LDL 4.24 Very High (RR <2.0)
    CHOL/HDL ratio 3.13 ideal

    Zinc 11.5 low (RR 13-18.5)
    TSH 1.75 normal (RR 0.3-6)
    T4 Free 11.3 normal (RR 7-21)
    Free T3 3.8 normal (2.9-6)

    Blood hormones : hard to interpret because I don't cycle LH serum 1.1 Low FSH 8.0 normal Prolactin 9. 8 normal

    MAgnesium normal
    Vit D normal (182)
    Vit C 45 Low
    Copper 15 Low (surprising because I have a coper IUD)
    Fasting insulin 17 low (RR 25-161)

    Urine Manganese 0.38 low (RR 0.4-0.9)

    Urine Amino Acid Profile Notable results: (I've never heard of half these things)
    Trypophan low
    Taurine Very high
    Histidine low
    Methionine low
    Lysine low
    Threonine low
    Isoleucine low
    Alanine low
    Asparagine low
    Cystine low
    Tyrosine Low
    Serine Low
    Proline Low
    Alpha-Aminoadipitate High
    Beta-alinine High
    Anserine Very high
    Huydroxproline very low
    Glutaimine Low

    Based on what I see here. I've started a complex B-vitamin, HCL supplement, zinc and added L-glutamine (I have some in my pantry) back into the mix in addition to vit-c chews.


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    Hi! I am a retired tennis player currently working as a dietitian. Just to give you a little bit of information about me, when I was 15 until I was 24 I did not have my period, I practice a lot of sports,I was 115 and 5'7". I was anemic, and my hormones were a disaster. Now I am 130, I have my regular period, and I have a higher quality of life. I think you should focus on a hyper caloric diet , healthy , but aiming to gain weight. If your body fat percentage is very low you won't have your period. You need to eat whole foods, high fat,whole sources of carbs, you can add some soy products since they are estrogen like substances, focus on lifting rather than to much aerobic. Hope that helps


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      Thanks for your reply! I did try gaining about 15lbs with no success and I honestly don't think that my weight has much to do with it, albeit, perhaps a little but honestly, I think it's more of a stress mediated ill digestion issue. Are there any other suggestions that don't include the weight factor?


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        I am not really good at analyzing blood panels, but all I see is low low low. The other poster is definitely right that you need to eat plenty of whole foods, high fat, and starchy carbs.

        I disagree that you should use any soy products. You can search soy on this forum and read all about how that is not a healthy option. It does sound like you are having issues digesting/absorbing foods though.
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          You should measure your body composition and see your body fat

          Majo Vallasciani


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            Tape measure tests on three sites say 23%


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              23% BF seems a bit too high for 106 lbs on a 5.5' frame.

              On your blood panel you have high LDL cholesterol (likely the result of the predominance of fat in your diet) but you shouldn't worry about it as for females it's pretty meaningless and the rest of your lipids are perfectly fine.


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                I agree. It doesn't feel like I'm at 23%. My avatar is a recent photo...I'm not sure where I sit on the bf % scale. Im not genetically predisposed to being 'cut' and don't really care to be. I am worried that I'm in a catabolic state and wondering what I should switch up in terms of exercise to support healing while not losing my fitness?


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                  If you really want to know your BF % you can do something like a DEXA scan which will be very precise. Otherwise, ask your friends who has a bodyfat-measuring scale -- they tend to be very common nowadays.

                  For exercise I'd recommend something high-intensity. Look into Tabata intervals, for example. There is a book called Body by Science which goes into considerable detail why short high-intensity exercise is better than long low-intensity.


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                    Thanks, Ill check out that book! To be honest, I'm not all that fussed about my bf%. My scale says 13.5% but I don't think it's a terribly accurate measure. It feels arbitrary. When change my habits & heal my digestion my body will regulate. I'm sure of it!