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Mark Sisson last night On Underground Wellness

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  • Mark Sisson last night On Underground Wellness

    I want to make sure everyone hears this, from BOTH participants, Sean Croxton, AND Mark Sisson

    "Metabolic Typing and Primal are VERY similar. It's basically the same thing."

    Look at that, an ALLIANCE in the nutrition industry, what a rarity. Maybe it's because we're all eating good food that makes us smart.

    Heres the link incase you missed it:
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    Indeed. That was one of my favorite episodes.

    Sean said it himself that even his carbo types don't eat more than 200g of carbs a day so to me that's completely compatible with mark's primal blueprint or a general paleo diet as long as that's tubers and squash and not pasta and oatmeal. There are actually some people who could benefit metabolically from throwing in some more carbs so I'm happy to call a truce with metabolic typers. The nervous system stuff is interesting for one, I could get behind that if I understood it. What I was really thrown off by was in William Wolcott's original book he recommends 50% carbs...for mixed types. Yeah a little excessive I think. It's becoming more and more evident that health and longevity are greatly influenced by the amount and duration of glucose and insulin circulation in the blood over a lifetime so I'm still pretty hesitant to recommend that people eat even 200g. It would be helpful to read Wolcott's original studies and find out the mechanism by which a carb type avoids the kinds of problems that I would encounter eating that many carbs. Fast/slow oxidation of glycogen I get but there must be something there like a more efficient insulin clearance mechanism or something. This is all probably waaaay over my head though
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      Words of Paul Chek himself: Most everyone is sympathetic dominant. Very few people are actually parasympathetic dominant due to the high stress rates of our society today.

      But parasympathetic dominants, the more relaxed individuals, the rarity, is where testing is definitely a necessity because they could be either one and it's highly individualized.

      Anyways, this is a victory for everyone.
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        Fabulous! Thanks!