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getting rid of candida/ yeast without LC

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  • getting rid of candida/ yeast without LC

    I am dealing with a bad case of facial and scalp yeast, that I probably got from my dog.
    We have been trying to treat her for almost a year, without any success.

    I have been having mild symptoms since last year fall, but thought it was some sort of acne and dry skin. But it grew into scaly, flaky skin with rashes and pustules. The spots with the most yeast do have a yellow tinge.
    My scalp is itchy and I have been losing hair for the past two weeks.

    I tried home remedies like ACV, garlic, coconut oil to no avail.
    I have also done a parasite cleanse.
    I am taking probiotics and enzymes with HCl ( I also have digestive issues)
    I tried anti fungal soap (ketoconazole)

    Other remedies I am considering are zinc, colloidal silver and grape seed extract.

    But I worry about my diet. I started experiencing problems after going on a low carb diet like PMS, hair loss, thyroid, elevated liver enzymes, heart palpitations, inflammatory pains, fatigue, acne and more.

    When I added my carbs back, almost ALL these problems went away in no time. But my "acne" got worse and I started being bloated and having more digestive issues.
    I did GAPS, I did the SIBO protocol and there was no bettering at all.

    What actually helped my skin and bloating a bit were probiotics. But just not enough...I don't think they went bad, because they are not the refrigerated kind. Maybe they are not potent enough.
    I got these: Probiotic Daily; 120 Tablets; Lactobacillus Acidophilus (BUY 3 GET 1 FREE) | eBay

    These are the enzymes (with HCl): Digesti-zyme Daily; 100 Tablets; Super Digestive Enzymes with betaine hcl | eBay

    It is hardest for me to digest meat and eggs by the way! But sometimes everything just seems to cause a problem. I don't eat rice or potatoes, but some sort of carb like bananas, sweet potato or carrot every day so I don't lose weight. I lose weight faster than you can say "weight loss", so that is a concern. I dropped to 48kg just recently because of the digestive issues, after having been a bit better.

    My doctor suggested to use anti fungal cream and add cortisone. I don't like the sound of cortisone. I don't see how it would solve things.

    I am breastfeeding and I don't have many drug options and I don't want to stop breastfeeding. There needs to be another way.

    I am thankful for any dietary recommendation or suggestions as far as remedies go!
    Currently eating strict Paleo, no rice or potatoes. I want to increase carbs and make sure my ratio of carbs, protein and fat is right for me.
    30, 5'5" and 108 lbs (formerly 100 lbs)
    I don't work out but I chase and nurse a toddler all day

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    I am probe to thrush and yeast issues too, and am currently nursing my 8 month old.
    What helps me is to cut out all forms of sugar - fruit, honey, maple syrup etc, and white carbs - flour, rice, potatoes.
    I then take a good probiotic, tons of garlic, grapefruit seed extract and sometimes oil of oregano. I haven't noticed any milk supply issues at all.
    If I don't want to drop weight too quickly, I also increase good fats - eggs, coconut oil, avocado etc. I usually eat a straight spoon of coconut oil everyday too.
    If things are itchy down there, I douse a tampon in coconut oil and a probiotic capsule and insert it and/or rub coconut oil on the outsides of my privates.

    Hope this helps!
    Needing some accountability, so here's my stats:
    34yrs old, 5'5"
    CW: 163lbs (07/2014)
    GW: 135lbs or less
    Eating mainly paleo, but including a bit of white rice (don't call the Paleo Police!)