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Ketosis confusion.

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    Originally posted by Rattybag View Post
    Well it might well be too much protein then, as I do tend to eat quite a bit of that. I'll cut that back and see if there is any change.
    Thank you for commenting.
    Glad I could help! I have to give credit to all the folks on the Eat Moar Fat thread started by Pebbles, it was a great source for me when I started my nutritional ketosis journey -

    Best of luck to you!


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      Originally posted by Dragonfly View Post
      Thanks for these, very interesting!! Think I need to change my eating a bit!
      I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!


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        Originally posted by EatMoveSleep View Post

        Im on a ketogenic Paleo diet to control seizures so I eat less than 20g of carbs a day. I do eat high protein but I wasn't aware that reduces ketones?

        Yes basically as I understand it, if you reduce your carbs enough for long enough then the body can start to use protein and convert it to glucose it needs.

        It seems that 'over consumption' of protein on VLC means the body may over produce glucose ( my guess) causing too much insulin for ketosis to continue.

        Also don't starve yourself of protein either - body can use your muscle to create protein ( you lose muscle bulk - not good), so its a balancing act but once you have the hang of it can be relatively easy to maintain .

        I drop in and out of ketosis naturally as I skip breakfast and have the bulk of my carbs at night - also I've been trying low Carb rest days alternating with higher Carb workout days.

        On that note just for interest I just checked by blood ketones : 1.3 ( today is a low carb rest day).
        I have felt great all day, even though I did heavy lifting yesterday .
        I suspected I was in ketosis ( I don't normally bother checking ) as a few of the tell tails signs were there ( now I know for sure ).

        Read up on keto diets - plenty of experienced people here can help.

        Good luck.