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Solution to my egg dislike!

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  • Solution to my egg dislike!

    Not a fan of eggs. Omelettes are OK if I can kill the taste, scrambled if I can do the same. Can't take hard, soft boiled or fried. Just can't - not even the free range ones (which are better tasting but still no-go). BUT! Clever solution! Taking a hint from some old bodybuilding wisdom, I decided to take it raw.

    Except I am a gigantic pussy, and blended it into a whey protein shake.

    This isn't great whey protein, still got soy in it, but once it's gone I'm moving myself to a much better shake.

    For now though, there's that. Next step: Liver.


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    Lol. You don't have to eat eggs if you don't like them, ya know?
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      I always put a couple eggs in my shake. Sometimes with a bunch of ice cream if it's post-workout. Strawberry tastes good, but the shake comes out more yellow than pink. Chocolate seems to mask the yolk color better, but if you don't care, don't sweat it.
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        2 more options for you to mask your egg yolks:

        Make salad dressing. I do 2 raw yolks with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper and Italian seasonings for one salad.

        Make home made mayo. You actually only get like 2 yolks for a whole jar, so not a huge bang there... but hey its something.

        As for liver. You can actually do it raw in a smoothie also if you wanna give it a try. Just don't do more than a couple ounces and you won't even notice. My kids never do


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          While eggs are a terrific source of inexpensive protein, they aren't a necessity. I couldn't stand them until my late teens, but now I love them. You might never like them since your tastes are already pretty established. Liver on the other hand... Just kidding, but when you try to incorporate liver, you might try things like liverwurst, pate, or if there are any good Jewish delis near you, chopped chicken liver (which is freakin' awesome). I'm not a big fan of the wurst, but pate and chopped liver are yummy.

          A couple of ways you might like eggs are homemade mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce. Or even incorporating egg yolks into salad dressings. My parents used to hide raw eggs in my "Instant Breakfast" drinks, so I can totally understand you putting them in your protein shakes. I also really like pickled eggs, but that may be even grosser than regular eggs for you.
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            Originally posted by RichMahogany View Post
            Sometimes with a bunch of ice cream if it's post-workout.
            Ya, eggs yolks are good in ice cream. You can also use plenty of eggs in (non-grain) muffins or pancakes.

            Liver is easy too. I like to pan-fry thin slices of lamb liver or bison liverwurst with chopped onion and serve with pickles and spicy mustard--it's basically meat.

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              Sometimes people hate a food for a reason. Pay attention to how eggs make you feel - maybe your body knows what it wants and doesn't want
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                Why are you forcing yourself to eat foods you don't like? If you're looking for nutrients, find other sources you can tolerate. Life's too short to eat yucky food.
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                  Eggs are definitely not a good choice for certain people, so if you don't feel well after eating them, stop, as Jammies suggested. That being said, pastured yolks are one of the best sources of a lot of vitamins that are often deficient in modern diets, so if this way makes them palatable and you don't suffer any ill effects, I'd keep finding ways to hide them from yourself.
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                    When you move up, try the Primal Fuel. I have tried all the best protein shakes and there are some pretty good ones out there but Mark's Primal Fuel is by far the most incredibly delicious shake you will ever have. Think of a super yummy, rich chocolate shake from your favorite place- Primal Fuel w/ almond milk will top it!


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                      Blend them with a couple of bananas, buckwheat flour and vanilla, make pancakes in butter or ghee.


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                        Ah yes, banana pancakes are fantastic.

                        Good point on maybe I dislike eggs because my body rejects them, but I haven't noticed any ill effects. I'm mostly after them because they're inexpensive protein with lots of nutrients. I typically only eat a meal per day (sleep in, rush to work, never bring lunch, etc), so I put what I can into it. I'll keep an eye (or gut) on it.

                        I'll check out primal fuel. Not primarily a shake guy, but some nights I can't be bothered to cook.



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                            Just don't eat eggs. I actually love eggs but I cannot eat them anymore (apparently I am allergic? WTF)... So instead, I just eat MEAT!!! Lots and lots of meat.