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    Come on now!! Mark and company wouldn't do that to us!!!


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      Originally posted by quikky View Post
      Many deficiencies do not manifest themselves with clear health problems. A deficiency might make you more tired, or give you more cavities, or cause some joint aches, or make you sleep worse, etc. Being deficient in something can feel like part of life. This is the argument of adequate vs. optimal.

      Also, overdosing on micronutrients from multivitamins is incredibly difficult. From the studies I have seen, you would have to deliberately take a ton of pills to actually start overdosing.
      Exactly. A ton of pills is not the same thing as a ton of liver. Your body can process extra nutrients in their natural form but not as an extracted element.

      Originally posted by noodletoy View Post
      lmao, so you're willing to disbelieve the "facts" about fat and red meat but think the assurances from the mega-vitamin peeps are without guile? jeebus. dissonance, much?
      I have always found this funny. This eagerness to disbelieve "Big Pharma" but the meek opening of the mind and wallet for Big Vita, the gazillion dollar a year supplement industry.

      Originally posted by John Watson View Post
      If multivitamins and supplements are a waste of money and are being flushed down the toilet; why are they being sold on this site??
      I respect Mark for his candidness that the majority of his income comes from selling supplements and also for his candor in the latest AHS where when directly asked the question of if a person need supplements on the primal diet he answered, "No."


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        Thank you to everyone who replied.