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Still fascinated with white people/neanderthal/asperger's continuum...

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  • Still fascinated with white people/neanderthal/asperger's continuum...

    I am frequently finding myself playing with the puzzle pieces of this whole thing. White people being up to 4% Neanderthal and our skull shapes, dietary problems and solutions, social problems and largely useless genius. So many aspies have such amazing results by going paleo, granted any animal would, but the social and mental fog clearing up a bit, that whole thing, it's so huge. I think many people are missing out on knowing whether or not they are on the autism spectrum, if even a little, and how that has formed their interactions (or lack thereof) with other people. I was shocked to find out there are so many people like me, that I'm not alone. So many other weird, nerdy and or dorky white people may well just be slightly autistic and might have no idea! I didn't! But now, social traits and thought-processing differences aside, there are now many huge lists of distinct physical traits compiled common to both people on the spectrum and the ancient Neanderthal. It's becoming slightly more concrete with time and harder to ignore. Can we start spotting them medically and advising? Remember the "novel sign of celiac, large forehead" article a few years back? That's just exploded ever since, more and more traits linked to more and more genes and predispositions. Can we use them yet? At what point can we?

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    I know autism spectrum disorders correlate heavily with epilepsy and many parents using the ketogenic protocol for their kids' epilepsy have found the unexpected "side benefit" of markedly improved autism difficulties.

    Brains are fascinating things.

    p.s. You may be weird, nerdy, and dorky but we love you anyway.


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      Lol, I strongly suspect that a higher percentage of users on this forum are on the spectrum than you'll find in a general population. Many here are classic oddball extremists and get very focused on things for long periods of time. Classic autism traits. I'm sure I'm in good company.
      There's some fun snippets for anybody who has just heard of this.

      And my wife looks almost exactly like this Just with brown's adorable!
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        If you are interested in any race differences, I'd think the sex differences would knock your socks off...

        "...prevalence was 18.4 per 1,000 (one in 54) males and 4.0 per 1,000 (one in 252) females" versus "...prevalence among non-Hispanic white children (12.0 per 1,000) was significantly greater than that among non-Hispanic black children (10.2 per 1,000) and Hispanic children (7.9 per 1,000). "

        The sex gap is HUGE compared to race...

        I too am a weird, nerdy white guy - I'm with ya man.

        source: Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders — Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, 14 Sites, United States, 2008
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          Yes, I suspect there may have been some incongruity with the hybridization, more Neadnderthal Y chromosomes may have been introduced than X chromosomes. I don't really know. I wonder what the current hypotheses are on why the gender gap even exists. I'm reading some things that suggest they are simply under-diagnosed because of being female.

          Yes, it's hard to find good aspie women outside of gamer conventions and the like. I found mine at church!
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            I find autism and aspberger fascinating, even though I've had minimal real life exposure to either. I have no answers for you, or even opinions, but I heard about these companies some time ago, and thought they might interest you:

   :*Asperger Informatik AG

            German IT firm seeks autistic workers | World news |

            I think maybe the reason I find behaviorly different people interesting is that I sometimes wonder why I'm reorganizing my freezer for the third time in a week. Or why I check to see if my keys are safe every ten minutes when I'm away from home.

            The theory as to why more differences are seen in males is the theory that XX can often mask something while XY can't. This is why, for example, there are about five boys with Muscular Dystrophy to every one girl. Perhaps this is extrapolated on to something that hasn't been proven in a lab in the case of Aspergers/Autism.

            As to gender differences, whenever I try to state my opinions on them, I'm told that I'm foolish and too literal, and definitely not PC. So, I'll not address that here (ever the peacenik that I am).
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              This makes me want to give my money to 23andme.
              The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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                Originally posted by aliphian View Post
                This makes me want to give my money to 23andme.
                Me, too. And to talk my brother into it, too, since he is my only male relative to carry my father's genetic material.


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                  Day 62: Females with Asperger’s Syndrome (Non-Official) Checklist | Everyday Asperger's
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                    Section A: Deep Thinkers -- almost every single item applies to me. (Yes, I just said that I consider myself highly intelligent.) But the other sections don't apply as spectacularly. My guess is that I'm on the spectrum, just on the mild end, probably.

                    Edited to add: I'm also not white. I'm Asian.

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