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Ideas to keep kids interested in breakfast

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  • Ideas to keep kids interested in breakfast

    Wow, the Cream of Wheat folks were really willing to do anything to get kids eating that slop, eh?

    Witness an ad from 1956:

    Wait, this isn't primal is it?

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    OMG - that is just... WRONG.

    Ugh - I've always hated that stuff.


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      Haha, my brother and I probably would have tried that... once we were old enough to get our own breakfasts in the morning, we decided that if other meals had dessert, breakfast should too. Mom was so mad.... (and she wonders why I don't want to have kids! duh, they'd turn out like me...)


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        i bet that ice cream is made from pimento.

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          Nah, cream of wheat is for chocolate chips, not strawberry ice cream!


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            Cream of Wheat, butter, pecans, and peaches, all in the same bowl, all coated in sugar. I loved that growing up. Unfortunately, I also had to had the heavy syrup canned peaches, making it even worse...
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              I loved the stuff as a kid, though with a nice layer of brown sugar rather than ice cream

              My 13 year old son loves breakfast of a mixing bowl sized portion of rice krispies with chocolate milk...sigh. Still working on that.
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