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What one food makes you feel the best?

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    For me it's steak with onions, mushrooms, garlic, butter and a bottle of red


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      Homemade ice cream. Milk protein chock full of BCAA's, milk fat with lots of SFA and almost no PUFA, sugar, cholesterol from egg yolks, collagen from the gelatin, Vitamins A &'s pretty much a complete food and also the greatest tasting food on Earth.

      For more on "awesome," try coffee ice cream. All the benefits of ice cream with a caffeine buzz. You use decaf coffee beans to make your coffee ice cream, you say? I hope you enjoy your stay in Hell, devil worshiper.
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        Probably ice cream with a warm crust (like a heated brownie or cookie) is an instant pick me up regarding mood munchies.

        Eggs make me feel best throughout the day. If I don't have them as my first meal, I feel "off".


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          Raw natural honey


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            Mexican chorizo.. Or chocolate... Or avocado. It depends on the day!


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              Any kind of veggies - soup, stew, stir fry
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                Coffee. Black, no cream, no sugar.

                Probably with a side of dark chocolate.
                Dark chocolate and coffee, running through my veins...

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                  Maryland blue crabs

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                    Coffee is the obvious choice.....but its been overdone. I'm going with



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                      Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
                      Coffee is the obvious choice.....but its been overdone. I'm going with

                      My co-op has bison liverwurst, definitely a treat.

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                        Shrimp makes me happy. Was at the coast this weekend and that's all I ate! I also love fish, grilled, blackened or pan fried in butter depending on the kind.


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                          Originally posted by butterfly1 View Post
                          Coffee for me too, nothing like liquid gold in the morning.

                          I am really enjoying boiled eggs at the moment though...
                          me too and boiled eggs in the morning is pretty awesome for me every morning.....although I don't think any food makes me feel "fucking awesome"'s just food for heavens sake!
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                            I think I'm still too enamored of the many things I used to think of as treats, but now eat on a regular basis to be able to pick out just one thing.

                            Eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes.
                            Liver pate or chopped chicken livers.
                            Canned sardines or anchovies.
                            Squid or oysters.
                            A breadless grass fed beef burger smothered in guacamole and tomato.
                            Lamb burgers smothered in Tzatziki sauce.
                            Eating just bone marrow for a meal.

                            Hopefully, one day the list will be endless.
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                              Ahi poke


                              Homemade Chicken Broth

                              Tough call.
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                                There is no one food. It depends on what I am craving.