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Any reason to do primal smoothies only in moderation?

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  • Any reason to do primal smoothies only in moderation?

    I received some great smoothie suggestions here last time I posted, and found one that I could eat every day, no problem. I usually don't have time for breakfast, so I very easily could get into the habit of having a smoothie every morning. I just wonder if having fruit every morning would be too much in terms of carbs and fructose. Thoughts?

    I've been having a smoothie with 1 cup coconut milk, tsp of coconut oil, scoop whey isolate, and 1 cup frozen mixed berries or strawberries. Delicious and filling without any sugar or other additives. I'd also be interested in similar smoothies or ways it could be improved (I know I've heard about adding greens or veggies to smoothies).


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    I imagine you could do anything with a smoothie depending upon your goals. If you are trying to lose fat, then keep the carbs lower. If not, then I don't see why adding fruit would be a problem. Berries seem to have the lowest amount of carbs per volume. I love blueberries myself.


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      Try it for a couple weeks and see what happens. Not trying to be glib. That's just usually the best thing to do in cases like this.
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        im getting my wisdom teeth out in a month and am going to do raw goat milk for a week....
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          Yeah go for it. I always give a caveat against any type of dairy but some people aren't all that harmed by it, especially whey isolate which doesn't give me any ostensible problems, unlike pretty much any other form of dairy. I don't know what I would do without my protein puddings. There-is-only-so-much-beef-I-can-eat!
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            It's pretty easy to take in too many calories / too much sugar without realizing it. (Yes, there is sugar in strawberries. Naturally occurring sugar, but sugar nonetheless.) That would be the only thing I'd watch out for. If you find it filling and the whey protein doesn't give you any trouble, then by all means go for it!