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My Cardiologist is mad at me - The results

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  • My Cardiologist is mad at me - The results

    I posted this on my original thread, but I don't think it's coming up as new. So, sorry if you read this already:

    Ok, I got a call from my cardiologist's office last night about my results, and she is not happy.

    Remember, I am :

    39 years old
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 165
    I have been about the same weight for the past few years, at maximum 175.

    My readings from July 2009:

    Total Cholesterol: 145
    Triglycerides: 45
    HDL: 59
    LDL: 77
    Chol/HDLC Ratio: 2.5

    All of these are well within the "good" ranges.

    This past Monday's testing:

    Total Cholesterol: 217 "Now Bad"
    Triglycerides: 47
    HDL: 65
    LDL: 143 "Now Bad"
    Chol/HDLC Ratio: 3

    I did forward to my cardiologist several articles regarding the cholesterol myth to see if she can give me her opinion. However, this does prove one point to me that dietary cholesterol does affect blood cholesterol readings since my readings over the years have been very consistent. Does that mean cholesterol causes coronary heart disease? I don't know.

    She wrote on my lab results, "Neet to stop increased consumption of eggs", since I told her I eat 3-4 each day. Obviously, this is my highest source of cholesterol in my diet, and I don't necessarily have to keep eating eggs to remain Primal.

    Any thoughts? Keep in mind, my diet up until a few months ago was about 40/40/20, with the fat coming from "healthy" fats such as flaxseed oil, olive oil and nuts. My protein was centered around lean meats such as chicken breast, with some occasional fatty meats such as beef, salmon and pork. My carbs were vegetables, fruits and whole grains (mainly oatmeal).

    Now, my diet consists of eggs, beef, chicken (dark meat with skin), pork, bacon, nuts, heavy cream, olive oil, little fruit, and lots of vegetables and no grains whatsoever. I am probably 25/15/60 at this point.

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    I don't recall if you readings were taken in a fasted state. My doctor gives me specific instructions on what to eat for a week prior, including a 24 hour fast before taking the blood draw. He also instructs me to take 4g of fish oil and a couple of other things I don't recall for 2 weeks prior to taking the blood. Granted, this is always in response to getting more life insurance...or something he has worked with me to make sure I stack the deck to get my numbers the best as possible for the lowest rates.

    My family history of Coronary Artery Disease, Stroke and Heart Attack does worry him some, but he says I am on the right path...even going primal. He has suggested Paleo and Atkins to many of his obese patients and he is interested in learning more about PB for himself and his patients.

    I hate that your numbers are all messed up. I will find my specific list and submit it so you or anyone going in for a profile in the future will be able to stack the deck in their favor. The real key is the fasting for 24 hours before.
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      I don't want to stack the deck, I want real figures based on my day to day diet. I fasted the night before just like I did on my previous test. I also take 1g of fish oil per day with my other supplements.


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        I look forward to seeing the "doping" protocol from your doctor. Mostly out of curiosity.


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          What are the things he has you do Beef cake ? I'm asking b/c i have physical in two months.


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            Have you read Griff's primer on cholesterol? I would recommend you check that out if you are not familiar with the intracies of lipid profiles and methodology. If your LDL was calculated, as opposed to measured directly, they would appear problematic since your trigs are so low. Here is a relevant excerpt from Griff's post:

            Because this equation miscalculates LDL if you drop below 100 trigs, I'd recommend that you always, always demand a VAP test, which is a direct measurement of the LDL. People who restrict carbs usually have very low triglycerides, which means that we're going to have problems if the lab uses the Friedewald equation to calculate our LDL levels. According to Dr. Mary Vernon, "These labs in which the LDL is calculated are not accurate if your triglycerides are below 100... The equation used to calculate these numbers makes assumptions which are not accurate when triglycerides are low." (from http://www.livinlavidalowcarb.blogsp...t-results.html).
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              Maria, that is my next step to ask for the VAP test to see how that turns out.


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                I think your cholesterol levels are much better. Actually it is a myth that less than 200 is a good cholesterol level. The best level is actually 200-240.
                This level results in the lowest mortality. It may have a higher heart disease rate, but death due to other causes like depression, sickness, cancer, etc are much less. All in all it is better than having a low cholesterol and dying of cancer.

                Also it is not dietary cholesterol that affects serum numbers, it is the saturated fat. It increases the cholesterol and makes the LDLs large and fluffy which are actually a good thing. Also ask for an NMR to prove that point.

                Read the following article.


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                  "Individuals with TG below 70 do not have small, dense LDL."

                  That would appear to be you, John.


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                    Look at your ratios - they're incredibly good! I swear to you that your doctor doesn't know what she's talking about.

                    Total/HDL: 217/65 or 3.33 where the ideal for men is 5 or below. This also indicates that your LDL is Pattern A (neutral to protective).
                    LDL/HDL: 143/65 or 2.2 where the ideal is 2 or below. This is also a marker of carotid plaque buildup (higher numbers = more buildup), and yours is minimal if any.
                    Trigs/HDL: 47/65 or .72 where the ideal is 4.3 or below. This is also an indicator of VERY low free insulin levels. Yours is stellar.

                    Oh, and if that LDL was calculated (by Friedewald) and not directly measured, it's wrong. The Iranian equation puts your LDL at 110. The Friedewald equation results are bogus. And with the Iranian equation, your LDL/HDL is 1.7. Again, stellar.

                    Frankly, your doctor is nuts if she thinks you have anything to worry about! Absolutely nuts. Get a new doctor who isn't so married to CW.

                    Get that VAP test and don't take no for an answer.
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                      I posted this on your original thread, but thought I'd repost here:

                      I'm sure I read in Good Calories Bad Calories that LDL increases naturally for the first few months of a low carb diet, then falls after that. I finished reading the book a few weeks ago and now I've been skimming it, trying to find the reference to this. Does anyone else who's read GCBC remember coming across this?


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                        Griff, no I don't have the LDL particle measures or VAP, but I have requested these today. Let's see if she responds.


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                          Originally posted by janky View Post
                          What are the things he has you do Beef cake ? I'm asking b/c i have physical in two months.
                          I am trying to find the exact list, but I remember 4g of fish oil a day and Red Yeast Rice, although I don't recall the amount. As far as diet, Low saturated fat, but 30% fat levels (with good fat, olive oil, etc. making up the bulk). He also said to exercise, but not the week of the blood draw. Not sure why, but I just followed his advice and it has worked. He stressed the two most important things were the 4g of fish oil a day and the 24 hour fast prior to the blood draw. He does the same thing for himself when he is upping his insurance, etc. He does have the benefit of being able to draw his own blood and have the labs done prior to going in for the insurance companies draw.
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                            I get tested again in June so I will also have before and after results. It should be interesting!
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                              I'm a little worried that she's concerned about the eggs. Anybody who has read any research should know that dietary cholesterol doesn't translate to serum cholesterol! It sounds like she is stuck in the past.

                              Good luck.