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    Originally posted by cheapo View Post
    I look forward to seeing the "doping" protocol from your doctor. Mostly out of curiosity.
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      Yes, she seems to be concerned about the eggs. Since my cholesterol has gone up since going Primal and eating more eggs, she is primarily blaming them.


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        John: I doubt anyone providing advice on this have had open heart surgery like you have. Your earlier lipid profile, while it might not meet the scrutiny of forum members, is outstanding and what every cardiologist would want for their patient. I hope you get the VAP test and that it shows that your recent blood test is every bit as good as your earlier test or hopefully even better... but if the VAP test doesn't satisfy your cardiologist, you should heed your Dr. advice and follow your earlier diet protocol. We're all individuals and what might be good for 95% of the people may not be perfect for you since you've had open heart surgery all ready. I guess my point is that you shouldn't fire your doctor considering your past relationship with that doctor... and if you decide to go your own way on diet, your doctor may fire you as a patient.

        Thank you very much for posting your results and like everyone else I'm interested to see how it is resolved and wish you the best.


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          I second what some people said previously about it being the saturated fats that raise LDL. Until you know if it's pattern A or B it doesn't tell you a whole lot anyway. I thought I'd read that dietary cholesterol can raise your blood cholesterol sometimes but it shouldn't be all that much. GCBC also talks about cholesterol that is too low being associated more with overall mortality even if the incidence of heart disease is lower.